Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fun time at the World's

I had a lot of fun at the Mountain running champs in Switzerland. It was a great group of athletes to hang out with (and Rich is always fun to pal around with). Rich, Ellen and Nancy made it easy to get everything done we needed to do and still enjoy the time in Crans Montana.

My favorite quotes (well maybe more of a paraphrase):

"I wanted to catch the Italian in front of me so I could say 'I could have made the Italian team'" - Zach Freudenberg

"You haven't heard Sweet Home Alabama until you hear it performed by a Swiss rock band with fake English accents" - Tim Smith (in the shades in the picture above)

I also got a lot of laughs from the various terms people used instead of funicular . I heard vernacular, lenticular, testicular among them.

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