Sunday, August 30, 2015

Weekly Mileage

Week Ending 08-30-15

Started and ended the week at pretty high altitude and felt pretty tired in-between.

 Week – 80
Month – 334
Year – 2163
Life – 129,251

M – 430am 4m out/back in Leadville with KT 39:11
       730 PM Industrial Park 4 in 29:38

T – Lunch 7 80’s and humid 52:23
      PM Dan’s woods 6 in 51:03

W – Lunch 7 80’s and humid 52:33
       PM 3.3 alone, then 1m basin loop into 3.7 with Dan and Kutyah

Th – 4am Industrial Park 4 in 31:33
       Lunch 7 80 but dry and breezy 46:38!

F - 3 @ Morse's at 2:45 am
      5 in ALB at noon
      5 in Taos NM at 4pm

Sat - Wheeler Peak! 14 miles from 9,000' to 13,200' in 4:15
         Afternoon 3+ @ 8:40 pace in ABQ

Sun - 330am 3 miles in ABQ before flying home

Saturday, August 29, 2015

USATFNE 20k history

The 20k distance (12.4 miles) is one of the rarely contested distances in the history of the USATF road running grand prix.  This year will be only the seventh time the distance was included in the 7 race series which has been held since 1985.  In 1985 two 20k’s were run with one designated as the “Men’s masters championship” and the other being the overall championship held in Charlton and Springfield MA respectively.  I could not locate results from 1985.  In 1987 the race was held in Marshfield over a hilly double-loop course.  In 1992 Pittsfield hosted the championships and in 2000, 2002, and 2003 the Bedford Lions (Bedford NH) held the last three 20k’s.  CMS was the team

Friday, August 28, 2015

Looking back - August long gone by

25 Years Ago: August 1990 – I raced four times over this month and ran 448 miles.  With a fall marathon looming large training was the focus rather than racing, but that didn’t keep me from doing a few.  I started the month with a visit to Cawley Stadium in Lowell, for the GLRR 2 mile track series.  I was looking for a fast time and would find plenty of company on this night.  Eric Beauchesne took it out in a too fast 400 of 63.  I rolled along hitting 800 splits of 213/215/216/213 to take the win in 8:57.  Dave Cremin took second in 9:02 and series record holder (8:52) Bob Hodge ran 9:03. 

Ten days later I took on the tough course at the Londonderry Old home day 5k.  The first mile followed the (downhill) route of the millennium mile, unfortunately the last mile was back UP the same hill.  I ran alone from start to finish on a muggy 80 degree day.  Splits of 4:37, 4:43, and 4:58 brought me home in 14:47.  That was good enough for a 47 second victory and also got me the still standing course record (and taking home the clock pictured on the right).

Four days later I was back at Cawley stadium for the series finale which was traditionally a mile race.  I led for the first 400 and then retook the lead at 800 on a perfect night for racing.  Splits of 62/64/64/63 got me another win in 4:14.  Four days later I closed out the month with the USATF (then NEAC) 5k road championships in Greenwhich RI.  Tom Anderson (CMS) took it out hard for the first mile, and I hung in the chase pack.  GLRR teammate Rachid Tbahi and I went with Eric Morse (CMS) with ½ mile to go.  Morse took the win in 14:24, I got second (14:26) and Rachid took 3rd helping GLRR to a rare victory over CMS.
20 Years Ago: August 1995 – I raced four times over this month and got in 413 miles.  Training was focused toward the Mountain running world championships and a fall marathon.  I started the month with the Yankee Homecoming 10 mile which served as the USTF NE championship.  I did not feel good at all during the race and had a lackluster 5th place finish in 51:26.  Nine days later I went up to Manchester NH in search of a little cash.  The Healthsource Corporate 5k road race had decent money for anyone who broke 15 minutes ($250), so a bunch of people went looking to just sneak under the wire and take home some cash.  I ran most of the race in a pack with Rusty Snow, Craig Fram, Dan Verrington, and recent Londonderry High School Graduate John Mortimer.  We all snuck in under the required time taking 5th through 9th place in a field of over 3,000.  Bill Rodgers was top master in 15:50.

    1  14:18  BRADFORD SCHLAPAK             28 BRIGHTON, MA  
    2  14:39  BOUAZZA ABIDI                    24 M NEW PALTZ, NY  
    3  14:47  RACHID TBAHI                      30 M BRIGHTON, MA  
    4  14:51  SAMUEL WILBUR                   22 M LINCOLN, ME  
    5  14:55  RUSTY SNOW                        25 M WATERTOWN, MA  
    6  14:56  DAVE DUNHAM                      31 M BRADFORD, MA  
    7  14:57  JOHN MORTIMER                   19 M LONDONDERRY, NH   
    8  14:57  CRAIG FRAM                          36 M HAMPSTEAD, NH  
    9  14:59  DANIEL VERRINGTON             33 M BRADFORD, MA   
   10 15:01  JAMIE LACHANCE                   24 M SANFORD, ME  
   11 15:08  GARY GARDNER                     24 M KEENE, NH   
   12 15:18  DEAN KIMBALL                      37 M CANDIA, NH   
   13 15:21  SCOTT CLARK                        29 M GILMANTON, NH   
   14 15:22  AL BERNIER                                      21 M DURHAM, NH  
   15 15:25  EDWARD SHEEHAN                 38 M SOMERVILLE, MA   
   16 15:33  BYRNE DECKER                      28 M LONDONDERRY, NH  
   17 15:35  JUSTIN FREEMAN                   18 M FRANKLIN, NH  
   18 15:37  ERIC BEAUCHESNE                 25 M CHELMSFORD, MA  
   19 15:39 SAM HARRIS                                       19 M ASHLAND, NH  
   20 15:44 MIKE O'BRIEN                                    29 M DURHAM, NH  
   21 15:47 KEITH KELLY                                      32 M MANCHESTER, NH  
   22 15:50 BILL RODGERS                       46 M SHERBORN , MA  
   23 15:52 ROD VIENS                                        27 M CLAREMONT, NH  
 Two weeks later I was off to Europe for a short trip to Italy for the Challenge Stellina mountain race.  I never felt great during the 9.5 mile race (with 5,000’ of climb) and bonked badly around the 1 hour mark.  I held on running a decent 1:25 for 10th place.

The following weekend I switched gears and did a 10k road race in Exeter.  Jimmy Fallon took it out hard and Dan Verrington and I kept him close.  Dan made his move at 4.5 and I thought he had me, but I rallied in the last mile and took the win in 30:28 taking home $300 in the process.  Dan took second in 30:49.

15 Years Ago: August 2000 – I raced four times while amassing 480 miles during the month.  The 480 miles marks the most I’ve ever run in any August.  Weeks of 131 and 121 while in Europe helped with that total.  My goal was a few marathons and beyond in the fall, so heavy mileage was important, although it didn’t have a major impact on my racing.  I started off the month at the Newburyport Yankee Homecoming 10 mile taking 2nd place in 51:34. 

======================= ===== ===
    1    51:21  5:09 MICHAEL SLINSKY        31 M  CHELSEA NY          SAUCOUNY
    2    51:34  5:10 DAVE DUNHAM            36 M  BRADFORD MA        CMS
    3    51:39  5:10 NELSON ROCHA                       31 M  DANBURY CT
    4    52:04  5:13 DANIEL VERRINGTON                38 M  BRADFORD MA        CMS
    5    52:17  5:14 ERIC BEAUCHESNE                   30 M  CHELMSFORD MA    GLRR

    9   53:16*  5:20 LARRY SAYERS           40 M  BELLOWS FALLS VT  CMS
   10   53:19   5:20 JOHN AYERS               34 M  BEVERLY MA             NSS
   13  53:40   5:22 JONATHAN CORSO                    31 M  HAVERHILL MA         WHIRL
   14  54:14*  5:26 DOUG MARTYN                        40 M  NO ANDOVER MA      WHIRL
   16  54:24*  5:27 PATRICK MOULTON        18 M  PELHAM NH
   18  54:39   5:28 JOE SHAIRS                 32 M  PEABODY MA            NSS
   19  54:57*  5:30 LOU RISTAINO           41 M  EAST BOSTON MA     WHIRL
   28  57:19*  5:44 LAURENCE OLSEN                    53 M  MILFORD MA            TVF
   32  57:41   5:47 PATRICK RICH              23 M  SO HAMILTON MA     WC
   37  58:49   5:53 JOHN GILLIS                36 M  MANCHESTER MA      NSS
   44  59:14   5:56 SUSANNAH LANDRETH               32 F   NEWBURYPORT MA   CMS

Twelve days later I had a solid run at the Bridge of Flowers 10k.  The time wasn’t great (32:26) but there is a nearly mile long hill in the race.  I went out conservatively in 9th place at the mile then worked my way up to 5th place by the top of the hill.  I held on to 5th place trailing only Non-New England runners and as such was the USATF New England Champion. 

========== =======  =====
    1   PAUL MWANGI            33 M OSSINING NY                 30:58   4:59
    2   PAUL MBUGUA            38 M FARMINGTON NM           31:02*  5:00
    3   MALCOLM CAMPBELL   29 M MARIETTA GA                31:48   5:07
    4   MICHAEL CHETTLE      23 M HOBART, TASMANIA       32:13   5:12
    5   DAVE DUNHAM           36 M BRADFORD MA               32:27   5:14        CMS
    6   SANDU REBENCIVC     31 M W SPRINGFIELD MA        32:50   5:17        GSH
    7   DAN VERRINGTON      38 M BRADFORD MA               32:57   5:19         CMS
    8   NELSON ROCHA          31 M DANBURY CT                 33:13   5:21
    9   ERIC LAVIGNE            24 M ASHLAND MA                 33:50   5:27        GLRR
   10  LARRY SAYERS           40 M BELLOWS FALLS VT         33:52   5:28        CMS

   13  GARY GARDNER           29 M ELMONT NY                 422 CMS          34:46   5:36 CMS
   14  MATT KOCYBA            26 M BIDGEFIELD CT             421 CMS          34:52   5:37 CMS
   16  KEVIN BECK             30 M CONCORD NH                420 CMS          34:59   5:38 CMS
   18  CARLOS RIVERA        26 M SPRINGFIELD MA            370 GSH          35:22   5:42 GSH
   23  DENNIS FLOYD         23 M LYNN MA                   577 GBTC         36:11   5:50 GBTC
   25  ROBERT CHASEN       45 M SO WEYMOUTH MA         685 TVF          36:16   5:51 TVF
   27  STEPHEN PETERSON 34 M CHELMSFORD MA             433 CMS          36:23   5:52 CMS
   28  LAURENCE OLSEN     53 M MILFORD MA                361 TVF          36:27*  5:52 TVF
   29  KEVIN MCCUSKER     43 M ASHBY MA                  117 NMC          36:32   5:53 NMC
   31  PAUL FRATINI           35 M LUDLOW MA                 636 GSH          36:42   5:55 GSH

The following week I was back in Susa Italy for the Challenge Stellina, a 9.5 mile mountain race on the slopes of Monta Rosa.  I had a reasonably good race taking 9th place in 1:23:30 and picking up $100 (200,000 lire).  I trained pretty hard that week and into the following week as teammates Paul Low and Dan Verrington joined in for three runs a day nearly every day.  Between runs we’d eat, nap, and play cards.  Despite the hard training I still managed a good run in Austria at the Kitzbuhel mountain race (8 miles with 4,000’ of climb).  I took 3rd place in 1:00:28 and won $250 for the effort.  The final 400 meters was brutal with each 100 meters tougher than the last.  My final 100 took 45 seconds.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Leadville 100 mile

I went out to Leadville to crew for CMS teammate Kevin Tilton.  Here are some pictures from the trip.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

All-Terrain Series update

I've updated the All-Terrain series standings.  One race to go!
All age groups have been settled except for M40

 60 Richard Paulsen NE65+
50 Dan Verrington CMS
40 Ethan Nedeau aR and Todd Callaghan CMS – 5.6 points between them with one race to go

60 Diane Levesque aR
50 Jennifer Rappaport SRR
40 Freddi Pare TG

Overall Women
1 Kasie Enman GMAA
2 Leslie O’Dell CMS

All of these are in the hunt for 3rd, 4th and 5th place
Freddi Pare TG
Amanda Wright Sisu
Jennifer Brooks CMS
Jennifer Rappaport SRR

Overall Men
All of these could potentially win
Scott Leslie CMS
Ryan Carrara NBB
Chris Mahoney CMS
Ethan Nedeau aR

In addition these two could finish anywhere from 2nd to 5th
Alex Hall WRT
Todd Callaghan CMS

 Link to complete results:

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

USATF NE 20k championships course preview

Seasons 20k preview – With a half-day on Friday and nothing exciting planned I figured the time was right for a trip to Acton/Littleton to take a look at the 20k (12.4m) course that will be used for the USATF New England championships on Sept 6.  The race will also serve as the final event in the All-Terrain Runner series.  I like to see a course if possible prior to racing it and actually getting out and running it is best to get a feel for the course.

It was already pretty hot and humid when I got to Nagog Park at 10:30 am.  I haven’t done many runs over 10 miles this year so a 13 mile single run would be long one.  I jogged over to the approximate start location and headed out with a goal of running easy, hopefully under 8:00 pace.  In my mind I’d broken the course into three four mile segments, although after running it breaking it into four 5k segments makes more sense.

Don’t be fooled by the first mile on busy Route 2A/119,

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Week Ending 08-33-2015

An interesting 80 mile week with some high altitude running in and around Leadville.

Week - 80
Month - 254
Year - 2,083
Life - 123,171

M - Lunch 7 54:56, hot and humid 90s
       PM Rail Trail 6 out/back 47:20

T - Lunch 7 52:23, 90's humid
      PM Rail trail 6 out/back 45:38

W - Lunch 7 51:32, 85 very humid
       PM Rail trail 2 alone and 4 more with KT 50:15 88 and humid

Th - 245am Industrial park 4 32:17 humid 70's
        PM 6 with KT and 2 alone at 10,000' on the Colorado Trail at Tennessee Pass 76:22

F -Sunrise on the Mineral Belt paved trail in Leadville with KT 45 degrees and sunny 5 in 44:49
     2pm 5m out/back from house on the 10th mtn road 10,000' 44:04

Sat - 730am 3m out/back from Pipeline before KT showed up 25:52
        1030am 3m out/back at Winfield Ghost Town 25:52
        3pm 3m out/back tired and hot 27:41

Sun - 730am 10m out/back on Wurts Ditch road from 10,000 to 10,700' felt great on the return 88:16

First run of the trip at 10,000+ feet