Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Whitaker Woods Snowshoe Race

Whitaker Woods
I only did one snowshoe race last year (and none in 2015) so I was a bit nervous about heading up to North Conway for the Whitaker Woods 4 mile snowshoe race.  Not so much nervous about the race but about how my ankles would handle snowshoeing.  CMS teammate Jim Pawlicki decided to join in for the fun so we met up at the Newburyport park and ride and carpooled the 120 miles to N. Conway.
We arrived with plenty of time to spare, race prep takes a lot longer in winter, and were happy to see a few CMS runners already preparing to warm-up.  The course was firmly packed so Paul Bazanchuk joined us for a course preview (wearing kahtoolahs rather than snowshoes).  It was cold out there, just single digits during the warm-up but sunny and no wind.  Great for snowshoe racing through the woods.
After the warm-up I switched into race gear and headed out on snowshoes for another ½ mile to get used to being back in snowshoes.  Kevin Tilton called a record field to the start line (124 finishers!) and off they went at a sprint.  Nacho Hernando was out of sight right away running sub 6 minute miles.  I found myself inside of the top 20 but only just.  It felt very fast and I felt flat.  The 5% grade from ½ mile to the mile up Vista Trail brought a few back and the second climb from 1.3 to 1.6 brought back a couple more but that would be it for me.
Over the last 2.3 miles I’d close on the two guys in front of me then lose ground and repeat but I never quite caught up to them.  I ran hard throughout but felt like I was swimming in quicksand.  You can’t really compare snowshoe times (even on the same course) because the conditions make a huge difference.  The conditions on this day were fast, but I don’t recall conditions being all that much slower in any other years.  My 29:18 isn’t my best and it wasn’t my worst either.  CMS had a very good day with Jim Pawlicki winning the 40+, Ed Sheldon taking the 50+ and Paul Bazanchuk first in the 60+.
My ankles were pretty sore after (arthritis) so I’m not sure how much snowshoe racing I’ll do this year.  Hoping to do at least a couple of races!
50+ results
Cat        O'all      Time     Name                           
1          9          27:36.5 Ed Sheldon        Hooksett, NH      CMS
2          14         29:18.9 Dave Dunham    Bradford, MA      CMS
3          15         29:38.2 Jeff Litchfield      Concord, NH       Acidotic
4          17         29:56.6 John Carton        Newmarket, NH 
5          25         31:44.6 Paul Hammond   Lexington, MA     Whirlaway
6          27         32:12.7 Peter Keeney      Bar Harbor, ME   Acidotic Racing
7          30         32:29.9 Colm Smart        Bedford, NH       NE Multi Sport
8          32         32:55.0 John Pajer         Leicester, MA      CMS
9          37         34:28.9 Don Fredrikson   Conway, NH       White Mountain Milers
10         38         34:35.6 Steve Houde      Medway, MA      
11         40         34:57.6 James   Downey New Durham, NH            Acidotic
12         51         37:23.8 Jim Graham       Concord, NH       Acidotic
13         55         38:06.7 John Brady         Biddeford, ME     SIX03
14         66         46:17.8 Skip Spadaccini  North Conway, NH          
15         71         47:10.7 Richard McCarthy            Raymond, NH    
16         76         47:46.0 John Ivan          Marlton, NJ        
17         80         49:20.7 Hank Lopez        N Berwick, ME     SIX03
18         89         50:41.5 Tim Pifer                        Concord, NH       Acidotic Racing
19         100       52:24.8 John Gorman      Andover, MA       Whirlaway
20         119       58:47.1 Chris Spinney     Arlington, MA      Whirlaway
Overall Results
PLACE    Time     FIRST    LAST                 DIVISION           HOMETOWN       TEAM
1          23:37.2 Nacho Hernando             Men 20-29         Logrono, Spain   Sweetie Pies
2          26:04.1 Marc Ouellette                Men 20-29         Wenham, MA     
3          26:06.2 Turner Zamore               Men 30-39         Cambridge, MA  
4          26:14.5 Andrew Drummond         Men 30-39         Conway, NH       SIX03
5          26:32.3 Brandon Newbould          Men 30-39         Nottingham, NH  Whirlaway
6          27:11.7 Kevin Tilton                    Men 30-39         Albany, NH         CMS
7          27:26.0 John Corona                   Men 20-29         Portsmouth, NH  Flynn Snowshoeing
8          27:29.7 James Pawlicki               Men 40-49         Lynn, MA            CMS
9          27:36.5 Ed Sheldon                    Men 50-59         Hooksett, NH      CMS
10         28:07.1 Louis Saviano                 Men 20-29         Sandown, NH     The Boys TC
11         28:28.1 Phillip Erwin                   Men 40-49         New Durham, NH            Acidotic Racing
12         29:07.0 Joel Turcotte                  Men 30-39         Greenland, NH    SIX03
13         29:15.4 Kale Poland                    Men 30-39         Moultonboro, NH Acidotic
14         29:18.9 Dave Dunham                Men 50-59         Bradford, MA      CMS
15         29:38.2 Jeff Litchfield                  Men 50-59         Concord, NH       Acidotic
16         29:49.3 Zack Chabot                   Men 20-29         Malden, MA       
17         29:56.6 John Carton                    Men 50-59         Newmarket, NH 
18         30:08.5 Kyle Northrop                 Men 20-29         Bellingham, MA   Sign Project
19         30:18.7 Jonathan Miller               Men 40-49         Sanbornville, NH
20         30:21.7 Jeremiah Johnson           Men 30-39         Portsmouth, NH  Acidotic
21         30:30.2 Sam Wood                     Men 30-39         Laconia, NH       CMS
24         31:05.0 Paul Bazanchuk              Men 60-69         Ctr Conway, NH   CMS
32         32:55.0 John Pajer                     Men 50-59         Leicester, MA      CMS
62         44:48.9 Karen Pajer                    Women 40-49    Leicester, MA      CMS

Sunday, January 15, 2017

Week Ending 01/15/17

Another 80 mile week, but tired and sore at the end of the week.  Ran a couple of days hard, should only do one hard run not back-to-back.  Note to self! 

Week = 80
Month = 172
Year = 172
Life = 134,157

M - Lunch 6 slick running 48:41
       PM Edgewood 6 47:12

T - Lunch 6 in 44:52
      PM Edgewood in 45:04

W - Lunch 6 in 43:29
       PM Edgewood in 42:25

Th - Lunch 6 in 41:24
        PM Edgewood in 47:47

F - Shawsheen 7 in 54:20
      PM Salem rail trail 5 in 41:05

Sat - 3.3 warm-up, 1/2 mile in snowshoes, 3.9 snowshoe race, 2.3 warm-down

Sun - 5 with D-la into 5 more with him and Petey total 10 in 1:29:57

Friday, January 13, 2017

Whitaker Woods Snowshoe race

I’m looking forward to snowshoe racing at Whitaker woods tomorrow.  Kevin Tilton always does a nice job and the post-race bagels are huge!  I missed the last two years but have done okay at Whitaker.  It will be interesting to see how my ankles handle snowshoe racing.
Past Whitaker Woods results
01/22/11 29:29 6th of 49
01/21/12 28:49 3rd of 40
01/19/13 29:10 2nd of 74
01/18/14 24:59 3rd of 75

Thursday, January 12, 2017

M is for music

I’m listening to a lot of music on the run since I’m mostly on my own.  I found that shuffle doesn’t really shuffle well enough so I’m currently listening to 3,000 songs in alphabetical order.  It makes for interesting thought exercises (what is the title?  What song comes next?  How many versions of the same song do I have?)
I’m on “M” and here was today’s playlist
Mint Car – The Cure
Minutes to memories – John Mellencamp
The miracle of Joey Ramone – U2
Misery – Green Day
Miss Gradenko – The Police
Miss Hollywood – Carbon Leaf
Miss You – Rolling Stones
Misty Morning Albert Bridge – The Pogues
MLK – U2
Mohammed’s Radio – Warren Zevon
Moments in time – The Alarm
Money – Pink Floyd

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

My history at Dartmouth relays

My history at the Dartmouth Relays
I’ve had pretty good luck at Dartmouth over the 36 years since I first ran there as a high school Junior (six wins and five personal bests).
01/10/81 – set Billerica High school record (Indoors) 2 mile in 9:41.6 for 6th place (Old record by Kevin Curtin)
01/09/82 – won in a kick in 9:31.5,           2. Pat Gillooly 9:31.63
01/08/83 – Set a PR for the mile in a 4x1 with Dave Quintal (4:28), Art Demers (4:24), Joe Regan (4:30) and me (4:18).
01/10/87 – Set a PR for me and a school record (17:13) for the 4x1 with Jason Cakouros (4:28), Rick Dawe (4:20), John Cotter (4:14) and me (4:10)
01/05/91- GLRR team took 6th place in the 4x1 with Brad Hurst, Gary Wallace, Art Demers, and me (4:20)
01/06/91 – The next day I took first in the mile running 4:20.6, there was a lot of pushing in the tactically slow race. With splits of 67/65/66/62
01/05/96 – Race one of Dartmouth “triple-header”.  Took first in the 1,500 in 4:12.
01/05/96 – This was my second race of the day.  30 starters!  Barry Harwick sat on me (he was shooting for a masters record) I won the 3,000 in 8:44.5 with Barry 2nd in 8:44.8 (missed the record by less than a second)
01/05/96 – Third race of the day.  Aiming to run 5:00 pace.  Hit 5:05/10:05/15:04 = 15:39 for first place.
01/10/97 – I took first in the 5,000 despite “feeling lousy”.  I ran a relatively slow time for me at the time but splits were pretty even. Kilometer splits: 3:00/6:00/9:01/12:04/15:06
01/13/08 – I set a masters (40+) personal best running 16:28.2 for the 5,000.  I placed 9th in a field of 11 running alone for the first 2 miles of the race.  Verrington took 4th in 16:06.
01/08/12 – I set a masters PR in the 1,500 running a         4:44.6 to take second place in a field of 7.  I led most of the race, losing the lead in the final few steps (losing by .05).                   
01/08/12 – 45 minutes after the 1,500 I ran the 800 meters (a rarity for me) setting a 40+ personal best of 2:26.9 to place 3rd in a field of 8.
01/08/17 – Finished in 2nd place (only 4 ran!) in the 3,000 meters with Eric Morse trailing me by 2-4 seconds until 300 meters to go when he flew by and beat me by 4 seconds  10:17 to 10:21

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Dartmouth Relays

Dartmouth relays: I had a choice between a few different races this weekend and ultimately chose the Dartmouth relays because I enjoy indoor track and there are so few opportunities for masters (or seniors) competition.  I convinced Eric Morse to join in the fun.  My hope was to run faster than my 10:19.8 I’d run at BU the previous week (although Dartmouth is a slower track with it being flat and having almost no straight).
It took nearly an hour longer than the normal 1.5 hours driving to Hanover due to the snowstorm on Saturday night.  Once I got to Warner NH the driving was fine.  It was below zero when I arrived at the indoor track but it was sunny and there was no wind so being outside for a warm-up wouldn’t be a problem.  Eric ran earlier in the day so I headed out on my own for a 3 mile warm-up.  I didn’t feel great.  After switching into race gear I felt a little better as we did another mile on the track with some strides.  Eric had seeded himself at 11:00 since he hadn’t done an indoor track race in a decade.  I was seeded at 10:20.  Only two other people entered the race!
My goal was to run steady and try to get as close to 41 seconds per lap as possible.  After an opening 41 flat Eric wished me luck and I was on my own.  I was mostly running mid-to-upper 41s and kept thinking “I can pick it up the final kilometer”.  Wishful thinking.  It was mostly just damage control the final K, as I felt like I was picking it up but was merely holding steady.  Along the way I heard people calling out stuff like “good work guys” and knew that Eric wasn’t too far behind (he told me after he was 2-4 seconds back the entire way).  With less than 2 laps to go he went flying by and put a few seconds on me right away.  I had no response and didn’t even have a kick (I did the week before).  Eric took the win by over 4 seconds.  I can’t complain about a 10:21 but wish I had something in the tank.  Hopefully these races will help later in the year (aiming for the Amherst 10 mile in 6 weeks).
Eric and I did an easy 2 mile warm-down outside then called it a day.  Not a bad start to 2017.
3000 Meter Run
1 Eric Morse       M51 Berlin, VT              10:17.28 
2 Dave Dunham  M52 Bradford, MA        10:21.80 
3 Geoff Dunbar   M46 Unattached            11:02.53 
4 Patricia Ford    W61 Lafayette, NY        13:11.44 
200       Rolling   400       Kilometer          
41.3      1:22.3              
41.4      2:03.7              
41.4      2:45.1   1:22.8  
41.7      3:26.8               3:26.8
41.7      4:08.5   1:23.4  
41.9      4:50.4              
41.5      5:31.9   1:23.4  
41.6      6:13.5              
41.8      6:55.3   1:23.4   3:28.5
41.7      7:37.0              
41.6      8:18.6   1:23.3  
41.4      9:00.0              
41.5      9:41.5   1:22.9  
40.3      10:21.8             3:26.5

Monday, January 9, 2017

Week Ending 010817

Week Ending 01-08-17
Got my 80 miles in despite a tender ankle and some icy trails.  Hoped for a faster race on the track but ran solo (until the end).  Good week.  I have to remember I'm way ahead of where I expected to be (post surgery) and I've only been at it for 6 weeks.  Not the time to rush.
Week = 80
Month = 92
Year = 92
Life = 134,077
Mon – 7am loops in Hubbard Park (Montpelier) with Eric and Murdoch 6 miles
         11am 6 on the rail trail (solid ice) 47:21
Tues – Lunch 6 in 45:01
          PM nasty ice on the Steven’s trails 6m in 52:09
Wed – Lunch 6 in 44:13
          PM Double Edgewood loop 6m in 46:50
Thurs – Lunch 6 in 44:05
           PM Double Edgewood loop 6m in 44:32
Fri – 430am Cemetery 5 from work 44:05
       1130am Dan’s AVIS loop 7m 60:04
Sat – 730am 4 with D-la/Spence in 33:28
         8am 5 more with D-la, Spence, and Petey 44:13
         Later nice relaxing 3 in 29:37
Sun – 3 warm-up in 24:38, 1 more with strides, 3k race, 2m warm-down 17:44