Friday, April 28, 2017

Res number 3 & 4 of the day

Visiting as many as possible.  Another nice couple of Trustees of Reservations.  Weir hill farm and Whitney/Thayer

Thursday, April 27, 2017

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Reservations please

Working on the 2017 version of the Trustees of Reservations challenge...2 mile Farm

Monday, April 24, 2017

Penn Relays - 30 years ago

04-23-1987:  Conditions were perfect at Penn Relays where I ran to an 11th place 29:25.  Bob Hodge took third place running 28:29.  My splits were: 4:39/9:21/14:00/18:42/23:30/28:17.  The 29:25 broke my school record from 1985.  It would stand for 26 years, before being smashed by Jeff Veiga who ran 29:07.76 in 2013.
From Bob Hodge’s blog:  The plantar fascia was bothersome particularly in the heal area. As I warmed up for my race at Penn, I was limping through my strides until my heal warmed/numbed up sufficiently. In those days the track at Penn was hard and a 10k in spikes was tough on the feet and lower legs.  When the gun sounded a large field sprinted out. As the runners on the outside broke from the stagger they slowed as no one seemed willing to take the lead. I took it and led nearly the entire race. I was passed in the last 200m by JP Nadyasanga of Belgium, but nearly caught him back in the straight just before Troy Billings got by me on the other side. I was third and very pleased with my race, my second fastest 10k.
Hodgie’s training diary from that week:
6m run p.m.
7m run a.m.
2m strides
8x200m 30
2m run
7m run a.m.
4m run p.m.
Penn. Relays
5m run a.m.
3m strides
10k 28:29.3
2m run
8m run p.m.
26 57
5m run p.m.
My training log from the same week:
8m in the morn alone
1m warm-up then Apple Orchard 8
5m in morn in 32 min. 8 hour van ride then 3 fast at night in Phillie
Penn. Relays
3 warm-up, 1 mile of strides, 2 warm-down.
29:25 (439/442/439/442/448/447)
7m easy
Shedd Park 8 in 55 min.
Pink Church 10 in 65

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Week Ending 04/23/17

Not much of note this week.  After racing 14 weekends in a row, I've now NOT raced 2 weekends in a row.  The lingering cough and sluggishness continued.  I slept about 11 hours per night each day this week and napped during my breaks at work.  Almost took a lunch run off to sleep but in the end did not.  Got my 17th straight 80 mile week.

Week - 80
Month - 258
Year - 1292
Life - 135,277

M - 16m with Danny V on the Topsfield rail trail 2:04

T - Lunch Shawsheen 7 54:38
       PM Weir Stevens 5 42:03
W - Lunch Shawsheen 7 54:27
       PM Weir Stevens 5 with Doug D 42:58
Th - Lunch Shawsheen 7 53:15
       PM Ward Reservation 5 with Doug D 45:00
F - Lunch Shawsheen 7 Doug D 51:44

Sat - Comforatable 12 with D-La on the new section of the Freeman rail trail 1:41
        Later nice relaxing 3 28:25

Sun - 3 in three reservations (Weir River farm, Turkey Hill, Thayer & Whitney)
          3 more in Worlds End Res


Thursday, April 20, 2017

15 years ago

04-20-02:  I only raced once during this month, one of the (seemingly) many times  I got 2nd place in an Ultra (Sybil Luddington 50k).  I ran with Bob Sweeney for much of the first half of the race before he accelerated away for a 3 minute victory.  I did about 10 ultra races from 2000-2006 but haven't done one since.  June 25 2017 I hope to change that.
1  Bob Sweeney, 35            3:18:49          CR old record 3:19:57 (Bill Lawder (1981)and Jack Bristol (1984))
2  Dave Dunham, 37            3:21:50
3  Rob Thomas, 40             3:48:36
4  Ellen McCurtin, 35         3:49:03