Monday, January 22, 2018

Week Ending 01/21/18

Week Ending 01-21-18

Got my 80 miles in, front-loaded the week so I could go short and easy on Friday & Saturday leading into the race on Sunday.  I also got in a speed-workout mid-week.  Things did not go as planned.  My left calf went into spasm during the race.  I was able to finish and hobbled through a warm-down.  I'm not sure how bad it is, icing it and hopeful.

Week = 80
Month = 240
Year = 240
Life = 138,457

M – 7am 10 miles out/back on the Topsfield Rail Trail with Danny V in 835s (some icy spots)
       930am 4 miles out/back (multiple times) on the Bradford Rail Trail in 712s

T – 5am Wild Rose 6 in 803s
      315pm Edgewood 7 in 725s

W – 5am Wild Rose 7 in 824s, snowstorm
       11am treadmill workout 3wup, 2x800, 2x1mile, 1 warmdown

Th – 5am Wild Rose 6 in 811s
        315pm Edgewood 6 in 735s

F – 5am Wild Rose 6 in 745s

Sat - 7am 7 with Petey in Chelmsford 849s
         1030am Nice relaxing 3 in 930s

Sun - 7am 3 warm-up, 1 in flats with strides, 5k race

          930am 3 on the East Coast Trail (very tender calf) 1028s

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Recent history

Five years ago: January 2013 -  I ran three snowshoe races and got a win and two second place finish.  First up was Prospect Mountain 2.6 mile snowshoe race featured a fantastic mix of ups/downs, single-track/wide trail, and tracked/un-tracked.  There was a LOT of snow out there.  Not sure how but I got myself a win over a very good field.

Woodford, VT, January 6, 2013
1 22:10.5 Dave Dunham 48 M
2 22:51.5 Jeremy Drowne 35 M   
3 23:20.7 Josh Ferenc 31 M   
4 23:38.8 Steve Dowsett 22 M  
5 24:23.9 Nick Curelop 24 M   
6 25:01.0 Tim Van Orden 44 M  

A couple of weeks later I headed up to North Conway for the Whitaker Woods 4 mile snowshoe race which was very fast due to the lack of snow.  There was just enough snow out there to run in snowshoes (but traction devices would have made it easier and faster).  Jim Johnson competing for the Blue&Yellow Unicorns won by about a quarter mile.  I got second despite ankle, hip and back issues.

North Conway, NH, January 19, 2013
1 26:56 Jim  Johnson M 35 BAA/Dion  
2 29:10 Dave Dunham M 48 CMS/Atlas   
3 29:57 Danny Ferreira M 36 acidotic   
4 30:00 Chris Dunn M 44 acidotic  
5 30:30 Ryan  Welts M 32 acidotic   

The final weekend of the month had me traveling to Pittsfield for Curly’s record run had very fast conditions (although the 1,000’ of climb may have slowed things down).  From my blog post: About 5 minutes into the race all of us (the top 5) went straight when we should have gone right (at a nearly 180 degree turn).  I got us at a little over 2 minutes before we got back to the course…so we added on 4 minutes (Josh a little more and TiVO a little less).  We made our way through the entire field!  Luckily the snow was not deep and passing was very easy, some people even pulled off and let us through.  I gapped Dowsett as Ferenc pulled ahead.  Near the top of the climb we caught Ken Clark and I asked him how many in front and he told me he thought 2 or 3.  A half mile later, just as Ferenc was catching the leaders (Teal, Dengate, and maybe Northan?) they all went straight at another very sharp right.  I missed the turn as well but only went a minute long.  I hit the course again just as Dowsett and Mahoney came up on the intersection.  I got around them and only saw one set of prints on the ground.  Soon after Ferenc caught me and I told him “only one more in front of us”.  We caught Ken Clark (again!) just as we started the long descent.  Ferenc was off like a shot and I just tried to keep him in sight.  We hit the road and about 1.5 miles of crazy fast running to go.  I took a look back and could see Dowsett in the distance.  Even with the mess up (over 6 minutes) the race pretty much finished in the order I think it would have had we not gone off course. 
1 Josh Ferenc M 31 0:43:04 100
2 Dave Dunham M 48 0:43:45 98.63
3 Steve Dowsett M 24 0:43:50 97.26
4 Tim Vanorden M 44 0:44:26 95.89

5 Tim Mahoney M 33 0:44:32 94.52

Saturday, January 20, 2018

January 10 years ago

10 years ago: January 2008 – I raced six times this month, mixing it up with road, indoor track, and snowshoe races.  I started the month with the “Hangover Classic” setting a masters PR of 35:04 finishing 11th overall in a field of 439 on a very windy day.  Moulton won the race in 31:44.  Five days later (01/06) I kicked off the snowshoe racing season with a second place finish at the Brave the Blizzard.  Josh Merlis (the race director) and Tim Van Orden sat behind me on the longest 5km ever (it was about 4 miles).  Josh knew the course and flew by me with a half-mile to go to seal the victory.

Brave the Blizzard 01/06/08
1 Josh Merlis                 26 M Albany NY             28:01 
2 Dave Dunham            43 M Bradford MA         28:15
3 Tim Van Orden           39 M Venice CA             28:22
4 Joseph Hayter            27 M Schenectady NY 28:35
5 Britt Brewer                44 M Wilbraham MA 30:47

I guess the snowshoe racing got me in decent shape as I hit the track at the Dartmouth Relays for the 5,000 meters.  Although I finished in 11th place I was pleased as I set a masters PR of 16:28.2.  The next weekend (01/19) I was back to snowshoe and the “South Pond Shuffle”.  I had four guys right on me for the first mile plus then was able to drop them on a hard uphill section. 

1 Dave Dunham            M43 29:40
2 Josh Merlis                 M26 30:16
3 Ethan Nedeau            M34 30:26
4 Tim Mahoney             M28 30:33
5 Tim VanOrden            M39 30:36
6 Andrew McCarthy       M24 31:08 
7 Abby Woods               F29 32:33
8 Jay Kolodzinski           M28 33:15
9 Paul Bazanchuk          M53 33:25
10 Ken Clark                 M45 33:51                   

The following weekend I doubled-up.  On Saturday I ran one of the first races that acidotic put on.  This was an interesting course around and over Cobble Mountain on a mix of XC ski trails and single-track.  I ran with Geoff Cunningham for the first 4 mile or so then slowly pulled away for a 2 minute victory.  The next day I headed out to Pittsfield for Curly’s Record Run.  There was a very solid field gathered for this 4 mile with a brutal climb.  Tim Mahoney did the early pace setting and I got around him about half-way up the mountain.  I was able to hold off the quick descenders for a 30 second win.

Cobble Mountain 01/26/08
1 Dave Dunham            27:46 BRADFORD, MA CMS M 43   
2 Geoff Cunningham      29:53 MEREDITH, NH   M 30  

9 Scott Graham                         35:39 WESTFORD, MA   M 49
10 Bill Morse                 35:50 DRACUT, MA WMAC M 56 
11 Bob Dunfey              36:03 YORK, ME   M 56  

Curly's Record run - 4m Snowshoe race  01/27/08
1 Dave Dunham            M43 32:02
2 Matt Cartier                M32 32:32
3 Tim Van Orden           M39 32:59 
4 Ben Nephew               M32 33:32 
5 Tim Mahoney             M28 33:34
6 Britt Brewer                M44 36:16 
7 Abby Woods               F29 36:29
8 Paul Bazanchuch        M53 36:45
9 Scott Livingston          M35 38:03

10 Edward Alibozek       M45 38:17 

Friday, January 19, 2018

January many years ago

35 years ago: January 1983 – I only raced twice during this month which was my Freshman year of Indoor track.  I ran a PR in both races.  At the Dartmouth relays I teamed up With Dave Quintal (4:28), Art Demers (4:24), and Joe Regan (4:30)  running the anchor leg of the 4x1 mile in 4:18.  Two weeks later I ran a school record for the 5,000 meters (indoors) with a 14:40 at the New England TAC (later renamed “USA Track & Field) championships.

25 years ago: January 1993 – I had a busy month, racing six times.  One of my goals in 1993 was to run 26 of the “CMS weekly 5k” races in order to earn a sweatshirt.  I’d end up driving a LOT of miles to get that sweatshirt and I had a lot of fun racing (and sometimes just “running”) the series.  I started the month with a couple of easy races.  I won the Derry Hangover “classic” on January 1st in 27:10 and the next day tied with teammates Steve Peterson and Tom Anderson running a 16:20 at the CMS series.  The following weekend I picked up another win at the CMS series this time crossing the line alone in 15:01.  After that I was off to Bermuda thanks to Marathon Tours.  They gave a free trip to the winner of the previous year’s Grand Prix series (At the time I was in a winning streak having won the GP 1987-1992).  I had a decent run taking 6th place in 31:10 over a hilly course on a humid 70-degree day.  

The following weekend (01/23) I was back in Worcester taking a crack at the course record (I ran 14:36 winning the USATF championships in 1992 over a very similar course).  I ran a 14:44 running alone from the start (2nd place was a respectable 15:56).  The time was not the course record but was a “series” record.  I closed out the month back in Worcester on a 14-degree day running 15:23 to beat the other 40 runners dumb enough to show up on such a cold day.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

I'm trying to Master Bates

I’ve only run on the Bates (Lewiston ME) indoor track four times but I’ve had pretty good luck.  I’m looking forward to heading up this weekend for the “Indoor Insanity 5k”.  It sounds like a cool way to introduce people to indoor track without overwhelming them.  My last 5,000 at Bates was over 30 years ago.  I’m hoping to run close to 1 minute a mile slower, and that would be a good day.

Old results:
12/11/82 = Dual meet U-Lowell vs. Bates, my freshman year of indoor track.  We won 99-39.  I finished 2nd in the mile in a personal best of 4:21.8.

02/26/83 = New England championships 5,000 meters.  I finished 5th in a freshman and U-Lowell record of 14:35.8  (4:35/4:43/4:45).

02/27/87 = New England championships 5,000 meters.  I had an off day (I’d run 14:15 earlier in the month) taking 3rd place in 14:31.8.  1st Nakkim 14:08 2nd Lawson 14:17.

02/22/97 = USATF Maine championships.  Not sure why I went to this meet.  It was very poorly run and the mile ended up starting 2 hours late.  The race was tactical and the field was big (21), and I didn’t have the kick needed.  I picked up 2nd place in 4:26.1 with splits of 67/67/68/64.

Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Wednesday workout

I was hoping to do a workout this week and the snow today actually made it easier to get in workout mode.  I did my morning run at work (7 miles in the snow) then took a longer lunch for a treadmill workout.  I was hoping for a little turnover before the weekend 5,000 meter race.  I decided to do a couple of halfs and a couple of miles.  The first half was a bit of a shock to the system but I felt reasonably good after that.

3m warmup
400 rest
400 rest
800 rest
1m warmdown

Monday, January 15, 2018

East Coast Invitational mile

I'm working on improving some of my indoor track times, so I was off to Providence this weekend for the open mile at the East Coast Invitational.  The $10 entry fee was nice and the facilities in Providence are great (I've run the NE & Eastern masters meet here a couple of times).  I arrived extra early and chatted a bit with Mark Capparella (TVFR).  It was nice to see some familiar faces as this is a high school meet with ONE open event.  Teammates Bob Jackman and David Principe signed up and we hit the track for some indoor running (although it would have been okay outside as it was about 60 degrees!).  The track was open since the first event would be the mile heats before our open mile.  It was still a bit dangerous on the track as many high school students seem to have ZERO awareness of what is going on around them (some would randomly stop, others might be just standing on the track).  Some coaches didn't help with that as they had their entire team doing group warm-ups using all of the lanes (poor track etiquette).  Anyway, we avoided getting knocked over and I felt pretty decent after getting in 3 miles.

I switched into my piranha racing flats and did some running outside and some inside to stay loose waiting for our heat.  I was hoping to improve on my 5:26 from last weekend and felt that 5:20 was "do-able".  I'd be aiming for 40 seconds per 200 meter lap.  Our heat was pretty big with 19 entrants.  I had the 6th position on the line and as we headed into the first turn I found an opening on the rail and took it.  The field spread out quickly and as I hit the first split (209 meters since a mile is 1609 meters) in 41.6.  I was right where I wanted to be as some of the faster guys who got stuck went around me in the second lap.  I hit 400 in 80.2 and focused on the youngster from Haverhill right in front of me.  We passed a couple of guys before the half-mile (2:39.5) and soon after I went around the kid (he stuck with me the rest of the way).  I felt okay, although the heat and dryness had me looking for a water-stop by 1/2 way.  :-)   My next 400 was a 78.5 and I closed with a 77.5 for a 5:16.52.

I was very happy with the result, a 10 second improvement over Dartmouth.  Next up will be the "Indoor Insanity 5k" at Bates next weekend.  I'm hoping to run under 17:40.

Men 1 Mile Run Open Open
Name                            Age          Team                  Time 
1 Bronson Venable        28            Rabbit               4:38.33 
2 Keith McAteer            19            Tuesday Nigh    4:45.07 
3 Trevor Mungeam       18             TVFR                4:49.76 
4 Ross Mungeam          23            TVFR                4:52.15 
5 Adam Courtemanche 19            SNHU                5:00.86 
6 Timothy Maguire                        Unattached        5:04.91 
7 Robert Jackman        35            Central Mass St 5:07.38 
8 Charles Kolie            19             Unattached        5:10.22 
9 Troy Lange                23            Unattached         5:10.81 
10 David Principe         50            Central Mass St 5:12.97 
11 Dave Dunham          53            Central Mass St 5:16.52 
12 Oscar Quinones      16             Haverhill Flash   5:17.01 
13 Ross Anderson        38            TVFR                 5:28.88 
14 Mark Capparella      48            TVFR                 5:31.86 
15 Christopher Melleby 39           Gr. Boston TC    5:34.74 
16 Robert Buttermore   30           Mohegan Stri      5:35.70 
17 Braden Mungeam    23           TVFR                  5:40.86 
18 Jonathan Martley     35           TVFR                  5:49.13 
19 Stephen Sullivan     52           TVFR                   6:14.74