Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Mine falls trail 5k

I started the month of August with a RACE!  The folks at Train 180 & Sub5 racing put on a 5km trail race at Mine Falls.  I’ve been enjoying running at Mine Falls (Nashua NH) since 1992 and have raced there many times.  It was great to hear that racing was back, although the format would be a bit different.  There would be heats of 10 runners going every 3 minutes.  So, I was getting to race whoever signed up for the same heat as I did (and the race would combine all heats for overall results).  I signed up for the earliest heat (7am) and Dan Verrington chose to do the same.  He had only been running for 3 weeks after taking 6 weeks off with a stress fracture.  I also heard that Mike Slinskey was coming from New York for this rare opportunity to race.  Bill Newsham also chimed in that he was racing (and doing 3 heats!).  So at least four of us in that first heat would also be 50+ age groupers.  I was looking forward to getting back out there and racing again.


I showed up at 6am and was the first one to arrive.  The volunteers were in place and packet pick-up was quick.  Entrants got a t-shirt and a buff, I bet a lot of races start giving away buffs now.  It was already in the upper 70’s, sunny, and pretty humid as I headed out to preview the course.  Volunteers were out putting signs and mile markers; I was set as I know every trail in the park.  I felt pretty lousy warming up which is either a good sign or a very bad sign.  I had a moment to say hi to my fellow 50+ runners then changed into racing gear and got in another mile of easy running.

Ten of us moved up to the line and at 7am we were off and racing.  Dan (and Bill) were both looking to run around 7:00 pace or under so I was out in front with Mike’s soft footfalls right behind me.  I felt pretty comfortable through the first ½ mile and heard Mike fall back as we slowly gained 30’ leading up to the mile.  I crossed over the canal and onto the paved section of path.  There was a tough 10-15’ climb at 1.3 miles and I was not surprised at how much that short little bump hurt.  I kept telling myself “all flat or down from here”.  At 1.7 miles I crossed back over the canal and back onto dirt and used that turn to see where Mike was.  I was pretty sure I had him at this point and focused on not falling apart in the final mile.  I tried to press on the downhill after 2 miles but did not feel very good.  I kept thinking Mike might find another gear and catch me.  I hoped that fear would drive me to the finish.  I crossed the line in 18:17.3 to take first place in my heat.  Mike rolled in a minute later and before Dan came through a youngster from the second heat flew in running a low 17 to take the fastest time of the day.  Dan came in next meeting his goal of breaking 7’s.

We all grabbed some water and quickly changed shoes for a nice warm-down out on the course.  It was fun rehashing old races and hearing about Mike’s quest to run a mile on as many tracks as he can.  Fun times indeed!

Heat 1

1 Dave Dunham M56 18:17.3

2 Mike Slinskey M51 19:18.7

3 Dan Verrington M58 21:05

Heat 2

1 Matthew Catarius M19 17:14.0

2 David Catarius M51 18:38.7

Monday, August 3, 2020

Week Ending 08/02/20

Raced on Saturday and started a “challenge” to run at various Greenbelt properties over the next week.  Hot week!


Week = 89

Month = (July – 363) 34

Year = 2,193

Life = 147,100


M – 430am Methuen rail trail 6m in 750s

        1130am Industrial park 5 in 726s

        315pm Stiles pond water run with Dan V 64 min


T - 430am Methuen rail trail 6m in 749s

        1130am Kingsbury 5 in 712s

        315pm Stiles pond water run with Dan V 68 min


W - 430am Methuen rail trail 6m in 737s

        1130am Industrial park 5 in 644s

        315pm Stiles pond water run with Dan V 67 min


Th - 430am Methuen rail trail 6m in 804s

        1030am The Rivah 5 in 755s

        315pm Stiles pond water run with Dan V 67 min


F - 445am River Road Greenbelt 5m in 741s

     1130am Baypoint Greenbelt 3m in 731s

     330 pm Baldpate hill 3m run in 854s

S - 615am 3+ warm-up, another mile, 3+ race, and 3 warmdown

      930am Nice relaxing 5m in 904s

      130pm 3m in 847s between Donibristle/Lampert Reservations

S - 715am 25 reservations with Doug D in 11.4 miles in 907s

        930am 3 more reservations on my own 4.7 miles in 815s


Saturday, August 1, 2020

Greenbelt challenge

I signed up for the Essex County Greenbelt race for Open Spaces this week.  The challenge is to run at the ECG properties.  I'm hoping to run at as many as possible during the 10 day challenge.

Day 1 was Friday and I kicked things off with 3 runs.

Balpate hill in the afternoon.  Baypoint at lunch and River Road in the morning.

Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Looking back - 5 years ago

Looking back 5 years ago (July 2015):  I came off of the Mt Washington road race with a slightly strained calf muscle which had me seriously considering not going to the Loon Mountain race over the July 4th weekend.  I really wanted to do Loon as it is one of my favorite races.  I’ve had good luck at Loon and only missed it once in the 10 years it has been held. The course was slightly modified from last year due to construction.  They cut out the first ½ mile of flat running on dirt and pavement and instead we’d climb 50’ up a grass hill in the first 1/10th of a mile and catch onto the course on the access road.  They also added back the ½ mile drop from the top of the Upper Walking Boss (UWB) back down to the Gondola. 

With nearly 400 others we went off up the grass slope and onto the cat track.  I found myself in about 50th place in the first ½ mile.  I had moved up to about 30th place by the mile and felt the 2 miles of XC were just a place to maintain pace and hopefully not break an ankle in the mud and rocks.  I came out of the loop 30+ seconds behind Erik Vandendries and 15 behind teammate Jim Pawlicki.  At 3.7 miles we hit the first punishing climb of the race.  I started reeling people in which always feels good, even when you are hurting.  I grabbed a water at the Gondola (5 miles) and on the first steep pitch heading down to UWB I passed Erik.  I could see teammate Matt Veiga up ahead and set my sights on him.

Finally I hit the Upper Walking Boss, which is the defining feature of the course.  It is a 1km (.6 mile) stretch with 40% grades.  I caught Matt pretty quickly and he said something like “they are all catchable”.  I kept looking up and seeing the guys walking above me.  As I neared the top I caught teammate Chris Mahoney and very nearly caught Scott Leslie who was battling with Ethan Nedeau. Then we hit the downhill, dropping 350’ in ½ mile, and those guys in front were out of sight.  About halfway down the slope Chris apologized as he went by!  I hit the bottom and pushed for the line hoping that no one was closing on me.  I was happy to find out later that I’d taken the win in the 50+ with Erik taking 2nd 52 seconds behind me.

1 Josh Ferenc                33         Athens VT          56:48 Wild Endurance
2 Ryan Kelly                  33         Concord NH        57:08 Acidotic Racing
3 Justin Freeman          38         New Hampt NH   58:10
4 Drew Best                  33         Amherst MA        58:27 Acidotic Racing
5 Kris Freeman              34         Thornton NH       58:38

7 Todd Callaghan            45         Beverly MA         M          1:00:06 Central Mass Striders
11 Scott Leslie               34         Rutland MA         M          1:02:23 Central Mass Striders
12 Chris Mahoney           37         Westford MA       M          1:02:57 Central Mass Striders
13 Dave Dunham            51         Ward Hill MA       M          1:03:20 Central Mass Striders
16 Erik Vandendries       50    Chestnut Hill MA  M          1:04:12 Central Mass Striders
17 Matthew Veiga           28         Lynn MA             M          1:04:19 Central Mass Striders

13         Dave Dunham    51         Ward Hill MA       1:03:20 Central Mass Striders
16         Erik Vandendries 50         Chestnut Hill MA  1:04:12 Central Mass Striders
19         Jeff Hunt            51         Concord MA        1:04:37 Gate City Striders
45         Dan Verrington   53         Bradford MA       1:11:52 Central Mass Striders

I got a free entry to the Level Renner 10k (07/19/15) as a contributor to the magazine.  It is rare to get a freebie so I like to take advantage when I can.  I wasn’t feeling great during the week and the hot and humid weather predicted for race day wasn’t helping me to feel any better..  My original goal was to run under 6:00 pace but considering the weather I thought aiming for right at 6’s might be do-able. 

The field was pretty stacked as there was some open money in addition to some team money and masters cash. 

The field of 200+ seemed to blast out at the start. By the mile (just under 6) I was in the middle of a group that was also running just under 6’s.  I passed through the 3 mile mark just under 18 minutes (17:58). It was really hot and humid over the next 2 miles which were mostly unshaded.  I crossed the line in 22nd place running 37:22, glad to be done.

Pawlicki & Shairs

1 31:15             Glarius Rop                31M      W SPRINGFIELD 5:02
2 32:50             Dan Vassallo              30M      PEABODY MA      5:17
3 33:17             Bob Bond                  26M      BRIGHTON MA    5:21

7 34:27             Gregory Putnam         45M      STONEHAM MA    5:33
8 35:27             Joe Shairs                 47M      PEABODY MA      5:42
15 36:30          James Pawlicki           40M      LYNN MA            5:53
20 37:15          Arthur Besse              42M      TEMPLETON MA  6:00
22 37:22          Dave Dunham            51M      BRADFORD MA    6:01
Top 50+                                                    
1          36:43    John Sullivan             54         WEST ROXBURY  MA        5:55
2          37:22    Dave Dunham            51         BRADFORD         MA        6:01
3          38:46    Gary Cattarin             52         MARLBOROUGH   MA        6:14 

Tuesday, July 28, 2020

Looking back - 10 years ago

Looking back 10 years ago (July 2010):  I ran three races and messed up my arch by the end of the month. I started the month heading up on Saturday for the 5th consecutive year of marking the course and setting up registration at Loon Mountain.  Sunday morning (07/04/10) I had my ankles taped up tightly and wore my Inov-8's for traction on this tough course over all kinds of terrain.  The leaders went very easy for the first flat section and I found myself right behind Tim Mahoney in 12th place.  I felt pretty good and was hoping to stay with Tim for as long as possible.  We had a bit of back and forth, but the steady dirt road climb up to the 4 mile mark gave me an opportunity to get some distance on him.  I took a quick glance back as I turned onto Upper Walking Boss and couldn't anyone.  Ahead of me I could see everyone except for Eric Blake strung out in the .6 mile section of course that has an average of over 30% grade.  Mike Quintal was alternating walking, running, and crawling on all fours.   I passed Mike a little after 4 minutes into the climb. I kept pushing to the top and wobbled over the summit of North Peak.  The run down North to the finish line is some of the craziest descent I've ever done.  It was certainly a surprise to get 6th place. The time (51:56) was definitely at the fast end of what I thought I could run and the guys in front of me seemed to have run slow times, perhaps due to the heat?
1 46:32 Eric Blake 31 BAA
2 49:01 Kevin Tilton 28 CMS
3 49:37 Brandon Newbould 28 Whirlaway
4 50:07 Todd Callaghan 40 GCS
5 50:14 Jim Johnson 33 CMS
6 51:56 Dave Dunham 46 CMS
7 52:26 Mike Quintal 32 CMS
8 53:39 Tim Mahoney 30 CMS
9 54:52 Peter Hult 29
10 55:50 Matthew Zanchi 26

The final race of the USATF NE mountain series wrapped up in Windsor VT at Mount Asscutney on 07/11/10. It was cloudy and very humid on race morning. There was a little bit of jockeying for position as we took the sharp left hand turn and headed up the road. Eric Blake shot to the front with Jim Johnson and Kevin Tilton behind him. I settled in around 15th place, it felt FAST. I eased up to the top ten and already felt like it would be a tough day…I was thirsty already.  By the mile I’d moved into 8th or 9th and began to find a good rhythm. I heard a loud yell after I passed the water-stop. Apparently TiVO mistakenly poured a cup full of Heed on his head instead of water. Sticky mistake.
From two miles on I tried to reel in the guy in front of me with little luck. I gave it my all as I could still hear the guys close on my heels. Blake destroyed Eric Morse’s course record with an excellent 28:16. I ended up running a fairly decent time for me, 32:05. Todd and TiVO were close behind taking 2nd and 3rd in the 40+ and 8th and 9th place overall. CMS had a very productive day; we placed seven in the top 15.
1              28:16     Eric Blake             31           New Britain C
2              30:05     Karl Remsen       29           Leadville CO
3              30:37     Jim Johnson       33           Salem NH
4              31:36     Kevin Tilton         28           North Conway
5              31:54     Mike Barton       37           VT
6              32:05     Dave Dunham    46           Ward Hill MA
7              32:13     John Spinney     34           Waterbury VT
8              32:29     Todd Callaghan 40           Somerville MA
9              32:48     Tim Van Orden  42           Bennington VT
10           33:51     Ryan Kerrigan    25           Moretown VT

This week (07/13/10) a little track meet fit (The River Rivals) perfectly in the schedule. I wasn’t sore from Ascutney due to the uphill nature of the race and a Tuesday effort should give me ample time to recover before the weekend. My goal was to break 11 minutes but I had a stretch goal of running 80’s (10:40). In the early going I alternated the lead with another guy but pulled away after the mile and came in close to my stretch goal with a 10:42.5. The 800 was almost immediately after that. Ken Tripp and a recent 2:01 High School grad pulling away immediately. The kid took off and won in 2:18. Ken held strong taking second in 2:21 and I kicked like mad down the straight as the clock clicked toward 2:30. I just slipped under with them giving me 2:29.9.
The Stowe 8 mile (07/18/10) marked my return to the road Grand Prix series.  I figured based on other races that I should be able to run under 6's.  We all lined up in box #1 for an XC style start, which was pretty cool. I tried to relax as just about the entire field went by me.  Dan Verrington, who always starts slowly, drew up at about 3/4 of a mile and I focused on letting him pull me along.  I started getting into a good groove after the mile and was not passed by anyone (exception below) for the remainder of the race.  Dan got up to 7 seconds ahead at 2 miles but I still felt he was pulling me along as we started picking off other 40+ runners (and one or two 50+).  By four miles I'd cut Dan's lead down to 3 seconds but just couldn't quite get with him. I caught Jim Pawlicki at 7 miles and worked hard to ditch him over the last mile.  He would not give an inch.  I made an attempt with about 400m to go but went too early as Jim rebounded and blew by me with less than 200 to go.  I crossed the finish in 46:30 which was a 45 second masters PR for me and met my stretch goal, despite somewhat windy and warm conditions.  Our 40+ team ended up taking a solid third place behind Whirlaway and the very strong GMAA.  A good day for the team and I was quite pleased with my run.
I finished the month with the 24th annual Sapienza race.  This year it was a new 4 mile course.  It was appropriately hilly and hot.  I previewed the course the day before and was pretty beat from just doing that.  Nate Jenkins and Jim Johnson were out of sight in the early going.  I was in 6th place with a few guys in the first mile. I passed Dan Verrington at the mile and put a few seconds on him through 2 miles.  I got into fourth but never got close to anyone after that.
1.Nate Jenkins 19:56 2.Jim Johnson 21:18 3.Brian Debronsky 22:14 4.Dave Dunham 23:04 5.Dan Verrington 23:34

Monday, July 27, 2020

Looking back - 15 years ago

Looking back 15 years ago (July 2005): I raced five times over this month, some road some trail, and even an Ultra.  A solid 354 miles for the month.  I started the month with the (07/02/05) John Carson Memorial 2 mile.  Oddly the race was not held on the fourth of July.  I had a decent run with even miles of 5:14 & 5:13 to take 5th place in the masters competition.

1 9:07 Andy Powell M25
2 9:14 Justin Lutz M25
3 9:15 Nate Jenkins M25
1 9:58 Paul Hammond M45
2 10:01 Tom Doody M43
3 10:12 Dan Verrington M43
4 10:14 Mike Cooney M43
5 10:27 Dave Dunham M41

Since the fourth of July was now open, I decided to put on a race.  On the 3rd I headed out to the Merrimack River and we marked out the course for the following day.  I advertised it as a “pick your distance” kind of thing. I put out some water but otherwise it was self-supported.  Petey, Ken Tripp, Rob Smith and I decided to do something a little different and opted to race over 15 miles (which meant dropping a car).  Petey was beating me on the ups but I had him on the flats.  At 5 miles I was 2 seconds back, at 10 I was 10 seconds back. His maximum lead was 15 seconds at 13 miles, then I hammered and caught him at 14.  Wouldn’t you know it, he had a little something left and pulled away for a 5 second victory.  I think this is the only time Petey ever beat me.  Seven others raced over various distances.

Merrimack River Trail Race 15 miles
1 1:36:01 Stephen Peterson (pictured below)
2 1:36:06 Dave Dunham
3 1:39:49 Ken Tripp
4 1:39:59 Rob Smith

20m – Dan Verrington & Greg Ward tie 2:32:00
30m – 1 Justin Dore 4:35:50 2. Norm Sheppard 5:17:18 3. Bill Morse 5:24:15
10m – Dave Geary & Wes Lassen 1:30:28

Four days later (07/08/05) I ran the Pat Polletta 5k.  I think most chose to run the 5 mile so I was able to scoop up $100 for top master in the 5k.
1 16:40 Ryan Kowal M18
2 16:46 Dave Dunham M41
3 16:56 Chris Hamel M21

The next week (07/17/05) I ran the Stowe 8m. I have no idea why I did this.  Maybe it was a team race?  I was 13th master.
1 42:10 Nate Jenkins M24 GLRR
2 42:19 Matt Pimentel M22 MVS
3 42:46 Oscar Ponce M 27 BAA
1 Oscar Gonzalez 43:15
2 Dan Verrington 44:02
13 Dave Dunham 47:15

A few days later (07/21/05) a bunch of my CMS teammates went to the Loco Moose 5k for a hard Thursday night run.
1 16:07 Richard Bolt CMS
2 16:19 Greg Ward CMS
3 16:51 Dan Verrington CMS
4 17:08 Erik Johnson MMM
5 17:15 Dave Dunham CMS

I finished the month (07/29/05) at the Sommerville road runner 24 hour. I wanted to test out my hip (torn obturator externus) and see if I was ready to get back to some serious Ultra racing.  I hoped to get in 100 miles but would not press if things didn’t feel right.  I felt pretty good shuffling along listening to the Red Sox game on my headphones.  From 7pm to 11pm I kept looping around the Lake.  My hip started to really stiffen up and did not want to cause any further damage.  I finished my 10th loop (50km) in 4:31 and called it a night. 

Sunday, July 26, 2020

Week ending 07-26-20

Hot week, recovering from “vacation” week.  Glute issue seemed a lot better by the end of the week.

Week = 80
Month = 308
Year = 2,104
Life = 147,001

M – 445am Methuen rail trail 6 in 800s
        1130am Industrial park 5 in 724s
        330pm 70 min water run at Stiles with Dan V

T – 445am Methuen rail trail 6 in 758s
        1130am Kingsbury 5 in 733s
        330pm 67 min water run at Stiles with Dan V

W – 445am Methuen rail trail 6 in 745s
        1130am Industrial park 5 in 706s
        330pm 68 min water run at Stiles with Dan V

Th – 445am Methuen rail trail 6 in 739s
        1130am Reverse Kingsbury 5 in 656s
        330pm Thunderstorm so no water run

F – 445am Depot to State line x 2 on the rail trail 6 in 739s
        1130am Industrial park 5 in 651s
        330pm  66 min water run at Stiles with Dan V

S – 630am 10m on Freeman rail trail (3 alone into 7 with D-la, and Petey on bike) in 819s
       930am Nice relaxing 5 mile 909s

S – 8am GSRT group run 10m in 934s

Looking back - 25 years ago

Looking back 25 years ago (July 1995): I spent most of July 1995 working in Kansas City helping prepare a new computer system for the IRS. I put in over 105 miles per week in temperatures that rarely went under 100 and topped out at 109 degrees with a Heat Index of 120. Prior to leaving I took on 1,000 challengers at the Bridgton Maine “Four on the Fourth”. Dan Verrington and I ran together to the top of the hill at half-way then I broke away. I won in 19:18 and Dan took second in 19:34.

Four days later I got my first win in Missouri with a 15:17 at the Faucett MO 5k in 95 degree temps. The course was a tough rolling out/back and I counted 12 hills.  Second place was a little over a minute back. The next weekend I had some serious competition in Kansas City Kansas for the Mid-Summer 5k. Mark Curp (Lee’s Summit, MO) was the American record holder for the half-marathon at the time (with a 1:00:55). He showed up at this race to do an easy workout. I think he was surprised when I went with him for the first mile. He went on to win in 14:52 and I took second in 15:12 in high heat and humidity.  Third place cracked 16 with a 15:52.

Saturday, July 25, 2020

Looking back - 20 years ago

Looking back 20 years ago (July 2000): Eric Morse and I went out to Vail CO (July 2, 2000) for the Vail Hill Climb, which was a qualifier for the US Mountain running team. The 2,200’ climb over 7.5 miles wasn’t particularly steep but the altitude was tough for us sea-level runners. Local boy Matt Carpenter took the win (he was out of sight in the first mile), I ended up in second place (49:06) and Eric took third. This was the start of a stretch in which I ran seven races over 14 days (I think Richard Bolt did all of these races as well?).

  I doubled-up on Independence Day, kicking it off with the Chelmsford 2 mile. Richard Bolt took the lead early with me in fifth trailing him, Ryan Carrera, Sean Livingston, and Mike Maceiko. With 400 to go everyone kicked and I ended up in third place ($50).
1.Ryan Carrera 9:17 2.Sean Livingston 9:19 3.Dave Dunham 9:20 4.Mike Maceiko 9:22    5.Richard Bolt 9:28
I had the rest of the day to relax (?) before heading to Durham NH for the FORT 5k at 6pm. It was humid and 84 degrees at the start and I was feeling a little sluggish. I went out with Wilson Perez and Mike Brady through 2 miles but just couldn’t go with Perez when he upped the pace. I picked up $75 for my second place finish.
1 Perez 15:02                2 Dunham 15:07           3 Brady 15:33               4 Ben Strain 16:13
Four days (07/08/00) later I was back at it, doing another double. Richard Bolt and I headed over to Portsmouth for the Harbor trails 5k. A group of six passed through a quick opening mile. Dave Hinga led the charge, with me, Bolt, Craig Fram and Mike Brady in tow. After the mile Hinga broke away and Rich and I lost ground on him as we also broke from the chase pack. I picked up some cash for my second place finish.
1 Dave Hinga 14:50       2 Dave Dunham 15:02   3 Richard Bolt 15:03      4 Craig Fram 15:24        5 Mike Brady 15:33

Later that morning Richard and I showed up at the Amherst NH 10k, looking to take home a little more cash. We went out easy for the first mile in a good size pack then lost 20+ seconds when we went the wrong way. We regrouped and by 3 miles had moved into the lead (miles of 5:40, 5:10, 5:13). From three on Richard and I worked together, easing up at 5 when we knew we had 1st and 2nd wrapped up. Miles of 5:18, 5:13, and 5:26 brought me home in 33:08 for the win and $75. I don’t have it listed but maybe Richard and I tied?
1 Dunham 33:08           2 Bolt    3 Larry Sayers
The next weekend (07/15/00) I headed up to Concord NH for the Bill Luti 5 mile. In the early miles I ran behind Dave Hinga and Chris Magill. Hinga made a move with a mile to go and I couldn’t cover. Magill dropped in behind me until we hit the track where he blew by me right at the line. I picked up $75 for third place.
1 Dave Hinga 24:33          2 Chris Magill 24:42         3 Dave Dunham 24:43

The next day (07/16/00) I went to Lowell for the East End Club 5 mile. I’d done this race many times since the early 1980’s and returned this year as it was part of the Hockomock Swamp Rat series which I was attempting to win. I couldn’t miss a race, so my motivation was high. Unfortunately, my body was not willing as I sprained my ankle badly during my warm-up. I didn’t have any way of securing the ankle other than a roll of duct tape I had in the car. I taped it up the best I could and lined up with 400 other runners. Eric Beauchesne took it out hard and I followed but by 2 miles my ankle was really bad. I limped home in second place (picking up the points I needed) with a 26:32. Thus ended the crazy stretch of 7 races in 14 days.

Friday, July 24, 2020

Looking back - 30 years ago

Looking back 30 years ago (July 1990):  I logged weeks of 90, 90, 90, and 101 during this month.  I only raced twice and paced Mike Beeman in another race.  I think I stayed away from racing due to ongoing ankle issues.  On July 15 1990 I met up with Mike B for the Raymond Old Home Days race.  It was hot and hum (90 degrees).  Bruce Butterworth won the race in 26:39 while Mike took 2nd place in 27:11 with me in third one step behind him.  The following weekend I ran the Carson memorial race that was put on at Chelmsford High School.  The 5m race started at 9am and temps were already well into the 80s.  I ended up taking the win in 24:57 and after a very hot warm-down enjoyed going “over to Sully’s after to stretch and eat ice cream”.
1 Dave Dunham 24:57
2 Eric Beauchesne 25:40
3 Jamie Fishman 26:15
4 Chris McDermot 26:15
5 Dave Hannon 27:05

I finished the month with a GLRR 2 mile series race at Cawley stadium.  It was humid and 75 degrees as Eric Beachesne took the race out in 68 with me, Bob Hodge and Mike Chamberas close behind.  Eric took us through the mile in 4:36 before Mike took over with a 68 second lap. Then I took over and closed it out with a 68, 69, and 66.  Mike and I both ran 9:07 with me taking the win and Hodgie was a tick back in third (9:08).

Thursday, July 23, 2020

Looking back - 35 years ago

Looking back 35 years (July 1985): I was training pretty hard during July of 1985 with weeks of 104, 90, 91, and 84 with a day off each week! raced for the (then) young Whirlaway Racing team which was managed by Dave Kazanjian over the summer of 1985. On a hot and humid 4th of July I headed to North Andover for a tough hilly 10km race.  After a slow opening mile of 5:18 I dropped under 5:00 pace to take a 61 second victory in 30:50. U-Lowell teammate Brian Moody took second in 31:51.  The race drew 450 finishers.

Five days later (07/09/85) I headed to Cawley Stadium for the GLRR weekly 2 mile series.  I ran from Billerica to the track (6 miles) then did another 2 miles on the track to finish my warm-up.  I took it out hard (hoping to take a shot at Bob Hodge’s CR 8:52) with splits of 66/66/67/69 I hit the mile in 4:28  I finished up with another 4:28 for an 8:56 win.  Brad Hurst took second in 9:08.
I closed out the month at the Newburyport 10 mile (07/30/85) on a hot and humid Tuesday night.  I was hoping to run a low 49 (based on my earlier races) and went out for it hitting 5 miles in 24:36. This was my first attempt at 10 miles and I went in with rookie optimism hoping to run around 49 flat (from the presumption that a 24:30 wasn’t hard so two in a row should be manageable). After that I fell off the back of the pack and struggled in with a 5th place 50:10