Thursday, July 31, 2014

World Mountain running champs

Only five weeks until the Masters Mountain Running World Championships in Telfes Austria.  The last time I ran in Telfes was September of 1996 at the World Mountain running champs.

11km with 1310m climb – 134 finishers

Place     Name                            Country  Time                                                                
1          MOLINARI Antonio           ITA       56:21                                                   
2          BERNARDINI Severino      ITA       58:42                                                               
3          SCHMUCK Helmut                        AUT       59:25                                                               
4          SCHATZ Peter                 AUT       59:27                                                               
5          STRONG Aaron                NZL       59:28                                                               
6          FREGONA Lucio               ITA       59:33                                                               
7          PAYET Jean Paul             FRA       59:36                                                               
8          RAIM Ladislav                 CZE       59:42                                                               
9          PEACE Andy                    ANG      59:45                                                               
10         MURRAY Tommy             SCO      1:00:14                                                            
19         DUNHAM Dave                USA       1:01:28                                                            
41         CASNER Mike                  USA       1:03:58                                                            
45         VERRINGTON Dan           USA       1:04:14                                                            
47         MORSE Eric                    USA       1:04:21                                                            
72         HECK Peter                     USA       1:07:25                                                            
93         ELEFSON Lyndon             USA       1:09:43                


Poster from the 1996 race

Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Long weekend part 3

Day 3 (Saturday) - I woke up on Saturday a bit sore from the Friday afternoon bike crash but otherwise ready to go.  I grabbed a large regular and headed to Whitefield.  Kevin T was already there when I arrived at 6:15 am and we were off and riding by 6:30.

The trail was as scenic as we’d been led to believe and the miles rolled by.  The biggest drawback was the amount of dew on the long grass in the early going that left both of us damp and muddy.  The temps were in the 50’s which was very comfortable for riding and we cruised along at 10-20 mph depending on the terrain and surface.  The first few miles hadn’t been groomed recently but the middle miles had been cut recently we actually passed the mowing truck which was just getting going for the day.  There was a great stretch of solid dirt trail with a long steady descent into Gorham.  We hit the turn in a little over 1:40, with no crashes, just one near miss at a water bar near the highway under-pass.

We both fueled up a bit at the turn and took 2 or 3 minutes to walk a bit and then we were back on the bikes.  The long steady climb wasn’t too bad but the 10 mph seemed like a lot more effort after 20 miles on the bike.  We saw a deer on the way back but otherwise very little wildlife.  We also only saw one other rider on the trail.  The 39 mile ride seemed to go by pretty quickly (at least for me, I’m not sure how Kevin felt as this was only his second ride this year) and we were back at the trail head 3:20 after we’d started.

I’d highly recommend this ride, the views of the mountains and the closer up views of the forest was great.  There were only a couple of road crossings and you really got the feeling of being out on a remote trail when you were rarely more than a mile from Route 2.

I decided on the ride home that I’d stop at my favorite (and convenient to Route 93) hill and go for my first run in three weeks.  I headed to Loudon and got in a nice relaxing 3 mile run up/down Oak hill.  This is a great little hill with some spectacular views from the fire tower on the summit.  It was a great way to get back to running again!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Day 2 - Long weekend

Day 2 (Friday) – After a night at the base of the fire tower Al and I got up at 5am to catch sunrise.  We were treated to a great view as the sun came up between the mountains and a lower cloud deck.  We broke camp and 36 minutes of hiking down had us back at the car.  

We then dropped my car at the end of the Gore mountain trail and drove Al’s car around, coming within 100 meters of the Canadian border, to the edge of the Round Mountains.  We parked on the shoulder of East Round and headed in for our 3 peak bushwhack traverse.  First up was a 500’ climb over .8 that brought us to East Round (2,714’), then we dropped 300’ before climbing another 550’ to the summit of Round (2,932’) after another 1.1 miles.  We took a break on Round then dropped down 200’ before climbing another 650’ which brought us to the top of Gore Mountain in 1.4 miles.  We checked out the fire tower ruins and cabin on Gore and then hit the trail for a 4.2 mile descent (-1,800’).  My feet were starting to feel sore after this 4.5 hour hike so that was the end of the day for me.

Al and I parted ways as he was off to bag more peaks and I was off to Gorham NH.  Once I got to Gorham I thought it would be a good idea to do a short ride to get the kinks out before the big ride the next day.  I was planning on doing a Presidential Rail Trail double traverse on Saturday, going from Whitefield to Gorham and back.  I decided it’d be a good idea to see the section from Gorham to Berlin that we weren’t riding (they allow ATVs on that section so it isn’t as much fun).  I got in a nice ride, with the exception of getting coated with dust from the ATVs blowing by, right up until I turned in Berlin.  At that point I went out on the paved road to turn and as I slowed for the turn I hit a pothole and went over the handlebars.  Ugh.  I banged up my knee, hip, and shoulder pretty well.  Great way to prepare for a long ride!  After a few minutes gathering myself I biked back to Gorham feeling a little sore but not too bad.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Long weekend

Long weekend – I had a couple of days of vacation time planned for the end of July in the event I’d be heading out west for some peak bagging.  That trip is now scheduled for August so I thought I’d do some local hiking and biking.  Albee was up in the northern part of Vermont and he invited me to meet up with him for some hiking.

Day 1 (Thursday) – I got up at 3am and hit the rower and bike in the basement getting in 30 minutes and hour respectively before the 2 hour drive up to Lancaster NH where I met up with Al.  We headed to Guildhall Vermont and our first hike of the day.  Stone Mountain had a fire tower on the summit in the past and now has just a couple of abandoned cabins.  We completed the 3.4 mile hike with 1,100’ of climb in about 90 minutes with a little exploring at the cabins. 

Next up was a drive to Buzzell Gap in Granby.  This was a short half-mile bushwhack in the woods to the top of Buzzell hill (1,880’).  We didn’t find any fire tower remnants on the top but we did visit an old crumbling house on the way back down.  In all the hike was less than 20 minutes and climbed 100’.

Our next hike was a longer bushwhack to the summit of Bluff Mountain (2,789’), this was on Al’s list of “The thousand highest peaks in New England” which he has almost completed.  We parked on a logging road and hit the woods.  Al is really good at navigating and my job was to every once in a while say “too far east” or “we are drifting west” or something like that.  We had no trouble climbing the 800’ to the top and Al brought us down through some more open woods than we had on the climb, dropping out on the logging road within 100 meters of our start.  In all the 2.7 miles took us 1:51.

Before our final climb of the day we headed to Brighton beach for a swim and then caught an early dinner. 

 I was getting pretty tired from the long day and messed up a little on navigating us to the next trailhead.  We arrived in Ferdinand on a very sketchy road with a bit more than an hour to hike up West Mountain (2733’) before sunset.  After a brief chat with a guy on a motorcycle who was thinking of riding to the top (!!!) we headed out.  38 minutes and 929’ of climb later we were on the top checking out the fire tower and the warden’s cabin.

We had plenty of time to set up camp and then catch sunset from the cabin of the fire tower.  It was a bit breezy and even on the verge of being chilly up there.  We got treated to a spectacular sunset and later I checked out the night sky which was blazing with stars.

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Starting over

Transition week, looking forward to running again.  I ended up putting in over 26 hours of work and had some fun doing it.  The best part was starting back to running and getting 7 miles in this weekend.

M - 3am row 15 & bike 60
       Lunch Go 48:25
       PM row 15 & bike 60

T - 3am row 15 & bike 60
       Lunch Go 46:23
       PM bike 60

W - 3am row 15 & bike 60
       PM row 30 & bike 60

Th - 3am row 30 & bike 60
       Then hiking with Albee for 4:18 bagging four peaks

F - Two more hikes with Al bagging four peaks, total of 5:00 hiking
       PM - bike 13.9 miles on the Presidential rail trail (crashed at 6 miles)

S - 38.8 miles mountain bike on the Presidential rail trail with Kevin T in 3:21
      Later Oak hill fire tower run in 25:35

S - 5:50am 17.3 miles on the Freeman Rail Trail in 1:01:04
      7am out/back 4 miles with Petey and D'la in 37:56
      9am row 15, bike 60

Hike - 9:18
Bike - 11:22
Go - 2:35
Row - 2:15
Run - 7 miles
Kevin checks out the trail map at Pondicherry

Friday, July 25, 2014

Cranmore Mountain race

Cranmore Hill Climb
I started the day with a “fun” one hour ride on the ElliptiGo.  The West Side road is a great place for a ride and I couldn’t resist getting some time in on the Go prior to the Cranmore race.  With the posterior tibial tendon and bone bruise injury I knew I was not able to race but figured since I wasn’t limping I could walk the course.  My plan was to walk it as fast as possible, figuring that’d be nearly 2 hours of work over the 6.2 mile course with over 2,000’ of climb/descent.
I rolled into the parking lot an hour before the start and tracked down RD Paul Kirsch to see if I could head out early.  After taping up and grabbing my camera I headed to the start line and was out on the course 30+ minutes ahead of the official start.
I briskly walked the course and felt I worked pretty hard, despite not running.  There were many spots that it was tempting to run but I knew I needed another week off before I could safely start back.  By the time I was into the second loop I began getting caught by the race leaders.  It was fun to take some pictures and walk along with some of the guys on the steepest pitch.
The end result was a better than expected 1:41 for the 10k loop.
It took me a while to get loose from the 100k double crossing of the Kanc the day before and it showed in my splits:
Up: 33:14
Down: 19:48 (53:03)
Up: 29:40
Down: 19:22 (1:41:05)
2nd loop - 49:02


Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Wolfeboro rail trail

Wolfeboro Rail Trail (Cotton Valley Trail)
After the 100k ride in the morning I felt the need for some more riding, I didn’t want to miss a day of biking so I headed south to Wolfeboro and the Cotton Valley trail:
This trail is kind of unique since it still has the rails, they packed down dirt and in some spots you ride between the rails.  It makes for a very narrow ride!  I really enjoyed this although being tired and a bit sore at first I loosened up as I got going.  The trail was mostly shaded and not particularly busy on a Saturday afternoon.
The Wolfeboro end of the trail was spectacular with great views of the lake as you passed through it on the trail.  I took a few pictures as I went along.  The only drawback of this trail was there was only about 15 miles of riding (out/back).  I’m hoping to ride some more trails as I’m working my way through the book “New Hampshire Rail Trails”.