Friday, October 24, 2014

Cross Country - Wow, has it been that long?

I’m heading to Franklin Park this weekend for the Mayor’s Cup XC race.  I knew it was a while since I last raced at Franklin Park but was surprised to find that the last time I raced there was in 1995!  My focus (as it is this year) was the National Championships, but as I did in 1995 I’ll tune-up with the Mayor’s Cup and the New England championships.

Below are the results from the three races I did at FP in ’95 with some familiar names and all CMS finishers listed.  Those in BOLD are still running for CMS.

Boston Mayors Cup
Reebok USA Grand Prix Event
Franklin Park, Boston MA - Sun 10/22/95
                Event 1 Men's 8,000 Meter Cross Country (7935M)               
   1   Seamus McElligott                    27 Nike                                                 23:09
   2   Brad Barquist                          27 Mizuno TC                                23:10    
   3   Abidi Bouaza                           24 Westchester TC                           23:20.
   4   Jonathan Hume        27 Reebok RC                                23:26
   5   Gary Giffen                            26 New Balance Coastal TC       23:35
   6   Pat Porter                             30 Mizuno TC                                23:47 
   7   Dan Middleman         26 New York AC                              23:47  
   8   Kevin Herd                             24 Unattached                               23:51   
   9   Wilhelm Gidabuday         Life College                             23:56
  10   Tim Gannon             30 Boston Running Club Men                  23:58

  14   Chris Magill                           23 Unattached                                   24:07
  20   Eric Morse                             30 Central Mass Striders                        24:18.
  26   Jimmy Fallon                           35 New Balance                                  24:40 
  27   Dave Dunham                   31 Central Mass Striders                        24:41
  33   Bill Bland                             26 Central Mass Striders                        24:53
  34   Scott Clark                            29 Central Mass Striders                        24:54
  41   Jamalh Prince                          25 Central Mass Striders                        25:09
  54   Chris Bianchi                          27 Central Mass Striders                        25:36
  55   Richard Bolt                        Central Mass Striders                        25:37
  79   Nathanial Halsey      24 Central Mass Striders                        26:18
  91   Bob Hodge                              40 Central Mass Striders                        26:38
117   James Pawlicki                         21 Unattached                                   27:34     
 118  Pat Callahan                           22 Central Mass Striders                        27:36   
137   Dennis Floyd                           18 Unattached                                   28:33    

REEBOK/USATF New England Cross Country Championships
Franklin Park, Boston, Nov 12 1995
40's, very windy, wet and muddy - Open Men 10K
1     TERRANCE MAHON                         29:55  4:50   1/0016    99   REEBOK ENCLAVE
2     GARY GRIFFEN                              29:58  4:50   1/0255    26   NEW BALANCE COASTAL
3     SEAMUS MCELLIGOTT                    30:04  4:51   2/0255    27   NIKE FLEET FEET
4     BOB DONKER                              30:05  4:51   3/0255    23
5     BRIAN CLAS                                          30:12  4:52   2/0016    99   REEBOK ENCLAVE

Thursday, October 23, 2014

Looking further back

October 1979 – 35 years ago:  I didn’t have much luck during this month as I got injured twice while racing.  On Oct. 5 I twisted an ankle during a dual meet against Tewksbury after passing through 2 miles in 11-flat.  I ended up with a DNF.  Four days later I was back out there testing the ankle in a dual meet at Wilmington.  This time I ran on the JV squad and took the win in 10:20 over a 1.75 mile course.  Four days later I was back on the varsity squad for the Catholic Memorial meet.  I was running well through the mile when I rolled the ankle again and something “popped”.  It was my second DNF and I spent the next two weeks on crutches.  That was a dubious end to my first XC season.

October 1984 – 30 years ago:  I had a solid month of racing but not a great month of training.  I ran 232 miles with 8 days off due to plantar fascia issues and a sore knee from compensating, despite that I raced three times and lost only once.  I started the month at the venerable Codfish bowl a 5 mile cross-country race in Franklin Park (Boston).  I had a good battle with Tom Anderson (Keene State) as I stayed back in the early miles (4:58/9:58/15:00) before moving up.  Tom and I fought right to the end and I got him by a kick in the last ¼ mile winning the race in 24:43.  We took home second place in the team competition with 76 points to Keene states 51 points.  A week later I was back at Franklin Park this time for a quad meet with Northeastern, U-Mass Amherst, and Keene State.  After a much slower start (5:16) the action heated up.  I ran a nearly identical 24:42 but this time Anderson got the better of me as I finished 12 seconds behind him in second place.  We took third place in tight competition with Keene.  Northeaster won with 37 points, Keene had 59 and we scored 60 points.  I wrapped up the month at the Eastern Championships at Bryant College.  Somehow I forgot my racing flats!  Pete McClellan, kindly offered to drive back to Lowell from Smithfield RI, but I decided I’d be okay in my heavier trainers.  It was a warm day for late October (high 70’s) so the pace wasn’t super-fast on the 5.2 mile course.  I ran in the pack in the early going then moved out and ended up winning in 25:55, five seconds ahead of teammate Dave Quintal. We led the way in the team standings with 46 points.

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Looking way back

October 1989 – 25 years ago: I had a solid month with 403 miles and no days off along with three road races.  My first race of the month was the White Mountain Milers half-marathon.  It was a perfect day to race with temperatures in the low 50s and no wind.  I took advantage hitting 5 miles in 24:55 and the second 5 in another 24:55 (49:50).  Somewhere around 7 miles I took control of the lead slowly pulling away from Fernando Braz.  I thought I had a shot at sub-5 pace (1:05:30) but lost a few seconds on the final (and only) uphill in the race climbing up from the river to downtown Conway.  My final time of 1:05:42 was and still is the course record and the New Hampshire state record.  Braz took 2nd in 1:07:35.  Teammate Steve Peterson ran 1:13:16 and future teammate Dan Verrington ran 1:14:52.  Six days later I took to the streets of Londonderry (where I had moved earlier that year) for the Mack’s Apple Run.  The race had a little bit of cash for prizes (along with bags of apples) so the field was pretty strong.  I found myself locked in a back-and-forth struggle with Larry Sayers (CMS).  With ¾ of a mile to go I started my kick and was able to drop Sayers.  I went on to win in a course record 24:40.  A week later I headed up to Saco Maine for the Great Pumpkin 10k race.  This was another race with some cash and it always attracted some strong racers.  I found myself in a group in the early going, then Bob Hodge (GLRR) and Greg Hale.  Hodgie made a move at 3.5 and I tried to go with him.  Hale locked on to me and I couldn’t go when he made his move at the 6 mile mark.  Hodgie won in 29:52 and I took third in 29:59, longtime New England racer Paul Hammond took fourth in 30:18.                  


October 1994 – 20 years ago:  189 miles with 5 days off, during a terrible month when I was diagnosed with fatigue syndrome.  I just couldn’t get going the entire month.  I started the month out at a new race on Great Island.  They had a little money for the 5k which essentially ran on EVERY street in the town.  They got a huge crown of nearly 700 runners which caused a 15 minute delay to the start.  Mike O’Brien took it out hard and I did my best to stay with him through miles of 4:45 and 4:56 (9:41) before losing contact.  O’Brien ended up winning in 15:06 and I crossed the line 10 seconds later in second place.  After that I took a couple of easy weeks and then entered the “Avia Scramble” in Stratton Vermont.           I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect as the race was billed as being “between 6 and 9 miles” with multiple ascents and descents on the slopes of Stratton Mountain.  I got a bad start because you had to start barefoot and then put on your shoes!  I ended up heading up the hill in 14th place.  Eventually I caught Ken Sousa who was a “ringer” having won the other Scrambles that Avia had put on earlier that year.  I ended up winning by a few minutes and picking up $818.18 for the victory.  Avia was far ahead of the curve putting on this style of racing way before it became popular.  You hear me O2X?            


Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Ravenswood trail race

It had been a few years (7) since I last ran Ravenswood and I'd almost forgotten how enjoyable this gem is.  The entry fee is a bargain at $12 and you get your money's worth and then some.  I won this race back in 2002 over a shorter and less technical route.  My best time on the current version was 28:54 back in 2007.  My goal was to get through without breaking an ankle on the many roots and rocks.  I thought I had a shot at finishing somewhere between 5th and 10th and was aiming to run under 30 minutes.

I met up with Doug and we headed out for 3 miles on various parts of the course.  After that I switched into racing flats and did another mile.
Over 100 lined up on the narrow trail and I positioned myself near the front.  Todd Callaghan shot out with Dave Long in pursuit.  Jim Pawlicki and Eric Narcisi tucked in and Chris Smith went by me early on.  I could hear Doug DeAngelis right behind me and knew I had my work cut out for me.

I caught Smith as we turned on to the first section of single-track and was happy to have a clear view of the trail ahead.  I could hear him and Doug close behind as I hit the mile in 6:54.  Soon after I lost sight of Jim and Eric and by 2 miles (7:27/14:21) I couldn't hear anyone behind me except when we passed spectators (who called out for them).

By three miles (7:20/21:41) I was starting to get into a good rhythm and took a quick peek back when I hit the carriage road.  I could see Smith about 15-20 seconds back and was also worried about Doug's superior speed over the faster footing.  I kept working as hard as possible (how daring I wanted to be on the iffy footing was the major factor) and hit four miles in 6:34/28:15).  That split was my fastest thanks to mostly carriage roads and some downhill running. 

I hit the finish line in 29:33 for 5th place overall and tops in the 50+.  The 40+ age group was super-tough with Doug taking 7th overall an 5th in the 40+!

A big group of us headed out to do an easy loop of the course which made for a nice finish to the day.

1 15 Todd Callaghan Beverly MA M M40-49 26:50.8 06:33
2 72 David Long Beverly MA M M40-49 27:26.1 06:41
3 93 James Pawlicki Lynn MA M M40-49 27:53.5 06:48
4 84 Eric Narcisi Charlestown MA M M30-39 28:06.3 06:51
5 29 Dave Dunham Ward Hill MA M M50-59 29:32.9 07:12
6 115 Christopher Smith Woburn MA M M40-49 29:58.1 07:19
7 23 Doug DeAngelis Ipswich MA M M40-49 30:20.9 07:24
8 21 Ryan Cronin Beverly MA M M20-29 31:00.2 07:34
9 66 Emma Kosciak Somerville MA F F30-39 31:32.1 07:41
10 60 Edward Jeffries Essex MA M M50-59 31:58.2 07:48

Monday, October 20, 2014

Week Ending 10-19-14

Very happy with how the week went.  Got over 100 miles, bagged a ton of towns, did a short work-out and safely ran a trail race.  Life is good!  Next up: Drop the mileage and see what I can do at the Mayors cup.

Week - 104
Month - 265
Year - 3154
Life - 126,175

M - 12 on the Methuen rail trail with Dan 1:43:49
       PM 3 on the River trail 23:34

T - Lunch 7 in 49:23
      PM Winni 8 with Tripp in 59:45

W - Lunch 7 in 49:23
     PM Winni 8 with Doug in 61:10

Th - Lunch 7 in 49:19
        PM Winni 8 alone in pouring rain 58:20

F - 7 runs in a bunch of NH towns totaling 23+ miles

Sat - 4 miles in Goshen NH
         Later 4 on the Methuen rail trail with 4x400 thrown in

Sun - 3 warm-up, another mile in flats, 4.2 race, 4.6 warm-down

Sunday, October 19, 2014

300th race in New Hampshire

My win last weekend in Somersworth was my 300th race in New Hampshire.  The only state I’ve raced in more often is Massachusetts.  Here is the breakdown of where I’ve raced.

Rank     Last dt.  St         # in St   Last location                  %         Through                        
1          09/14/14           MA        730       Gloucester         56.50% 10/11/2014                               
2          10/11/14           NH        300       Somersworth      23.22%                                    
3          08/31/14           VT         51         Windsor             3.95%                                      
4          02/06/11           NY        31         Saratoga Springs            2.40%                                      
5          11/13/11           ME        29         Portland             2.24%                                      
6          01/29/12           RI         24         Lincoln              1.86%                                      
7          04/15/06           CT         15         Union                1.16%                                      
8          03/23/02           PA         9          Pittsburgh          0.70%                                      
9          07/15/07           CA         8          Stinson beach    0.62%                                      
10         08/25/12           NC        7          Laurel Springs    0.54%                                      
            02/11/12           MO        6          Faucett              0.46%                                      
            08/05/12           IL         5          Lisle                                                     
           12/14/02           AL         5          Huntsville                                                          
            07/06/03           CO        4          Vail                                                      
            11/06/10           OR        4          Ashland                                                
            12/01/12           FL         3          Daytona Beach                                                  
            02/16/02           MI         2          Traverse City                                                     
            03/14/87           ND        2          Fargo                                                   
            04/11/92           OH        2          Columbus                                                         
            11/26/98           VA         2          Ashburn                                                
            11/28/92           WI        2          Racine                                                  
            08/15/92           WV        2          Parkersburg                                                       
            06/09/02           AK         1          Anchorage                                                        
            04/15/91           DC        1          Washington                                                       
            11/14/04           GA        1          Peachtree City                                                   
            12/02/07           HI         1          Honolulu                                                           
            12/19/04           IN         1          Huntington                                                        
            07/16/95           KS         1          Kansas City                                                       
            11/17/01           MD        1          Boonsboro                                                        
            11/17/84           MS        1          Jackson                                                
            03/09/81           NJ         1          Princeton                                                          
            12/04/93           NV        1          Las Vegas                                                         
            03/29/03           UT        1          Solitude Times in            34                                
            07/28/01           WA        1          Crystal Mountain 1255     States                          
                                                                                                Grand total         1292
            01/05/03           ITA       9          Fondo, Italy       Times in            12                                
            08/25/13           SUI       6          Solothurn           37         Countries                                  
            09/06/14           AUT       5          Telfes, Austria                                                   
            08/26/01           FRA       3          Cleder, France                                                   
            09/10/00           GER       3          Bergen, Germany                                                           
            10/12/09           CAN       2          Oakville, ON                                                      
            01/16/93           BER       2          Hamilton, Bermuda                                                        
            09/08/10           IRE       2          Ireland                                                 
            06/21/02           BEL       1          Torhout, Belgium                                                           
            04/09/95           GRE       1          Athens, Greece                                                  
            02/18/90           JAP       1          Ohme, Japan                                                    
            09/10/95           SCO      1          Edinburgh, Scotland                                                       
            08/31/13           CZH       1          Janske Lazne                                                     

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Winning streak

I picked up my first win of the year which kept my streak alive.  Some stats on the 1979-2014 streak.

Earliest in the year I’ve won – January 1st (8 times from 1990-1997)
Latest in the year I’ve won – November 4 (2006), my win this year was the second latest
Fewest wins in a year – 1
Most wins in a year = 38 (1991)
Largest field = 3,122 (Charbo’s 5m 03/24/1996)
Smallest field = 1 (Winnikenni snowshoe 12/25/08)
Longest gap between wins = 550 days from 05/03/05 to 11/04/06 (2nd most was my current win at 546 days from 04/13/13-10/11/14)

Here is what the win streak looks like