Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Second Opinion

I got a second opinion on my ankle/foot yesterday. The news wasn't good and I wasn't unexpected.  I did get one chuckle thinking of the Rodney Dangerfield joke (thank you Dave La for mentioning this).  Anyway my version goes something like this:

The doctor told me I needed surgery on my ankle.  I told him "If you don't mind, I'd like a second opinion".  He said "All right.  You're ugly too".

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Week Ending 04-19-15

Kept it going this week, but the pain almost stopped me on Friday.  Second opinion coming early next week and decisions need to be made.  In the meantime I'll keep putting in the miles.

Week - 72
Month - 184
Year - 630
Life - 127,718

M - Lunch 6 in 40:59
       PM rail trail 4 in 28:11

T - Lunch 6 in 40:40
      PM rail trail 4 in 28:27

W - Lunch 6 in 41:46
       PM 4 on the River 30:35

Th - Lunch 6 in 42:47
        PM Windham rail trail 4 in 28:07

F - Ankle killing out/back 7 in 49:34
      PM Rail trail 3 in 22:51

Sat - 3+ with Dan and Dog 26:01
        3.5 on my own 25:24
        3.5 with Dan, Doug, and Dog 28:54
         10 on the ElliptiGo

Sun - 5 with D'la in 42:06
          4 with Petey and D'la in 38:34
          3 on my own on the Methuen rail trail 20:54
Not so wild life near Argilla

Monday, April 20, 2015

Castle hill

I took a little time on Saturday after watching the Gorilla race to head over to Castle hill.  I'm planning on racing the Go 5k up Castle hill in a couple of weeks.

Saturday, April 18, 2015

Chase the Gorilla

I normally wouldn't go to a race unless I'm racing it myself....but, the Chase the Gorilla down Argilla ad some great bonuses.  I'd get a rare run in with others (Dan, Kutyah, and Doug) and I could also check out the course I'd be racing on the ElliptiGo in a couple of weeks.

I did a warm-up with Dan and his Dog (Kutyah) then did another loop on my own and took a few picture.  After that I got in a warm-down with all of us doing the loop again.  After that it was off to Castle hill!

The ONLY good thing about how badly my ankle hurts is that I can't even consider racing on it, so going to a race isn't so bad.

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Red's Shoe Barn - old CR

My CR from the Red’s Shoe Barn 5m reached the 19 year mark (04-14-1996) today.  On that day back in 1996 I ran a 24:12.01 over the rolling course.  I got out well in a pack with Dan Verrington, Mike O’Brien, Eric Morse, and Byrne Decker.  Dan stuck the longest and I didn’t get clear of him until the final mile.  I got my win with Dan running a solid 24:37 followed by O’Brien (24:47), Morse (24:57) and Decker (25:09). 
I’m not sure what the old CR was at the time but the race was already in its 15th year by that time so there were probably some sub-25 times.  In the last 9 years there have only been four runners under 26 minutes.  There must have been some decent prize money back in the day since there were some quick times run. 
Here are the top times since 1996:
1996 Dave Dunham        24:12.01
1997 Craig Fram             24:13
2006 Patrick Moulton       24:17
1999 Chris Teague          24:26
1998 Mike O’Brien           24:28
1997 Mike O’Brien           24:33
1997 Eric Morse              24:36
1996 Dan Verrington       24:37
1999 Dave Dunham        24:41
1996 Mike O’Brien           24:47
2002 David Hinga           24:48
1997 Byrne Decker          24:51
1999 Mike O’Brien           24:52
1996 Eric Morse              24:57
1999 Tom Anderson        24:59

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Dog days

I went up to Manchester this weekend to check out Dan Verrington competing in his first dog-race. He teamed up with his pup, Kutyah and they cranked out the hilly 5k.  They ended up taking 2nd place overall and first dog in 17:52.  Best of luck to them in the many races they'll have!

Monday, April 13, 2015

Week Ending 04+12+15

Week Ending 04-12-15
Jury duty lasted three days so I had to adjust my running schedule.  My ankle was pretty lousy but I was able to muddle through.  Last run of the week was the best :-)
Week = 70
Month = 112
Year = 558
Life = 127,646
M – Lunch 5 36:52
      PM Methuen Rail trail 3 26:25
T – 645am Industrial park 6 45:33
      Afternoon 4m at Pinnacle PT 31:35
W – 645am Bradford 7 in 52:44
       PM North on the Methuen rail trail 3 in 23:34
Th – 645am Industrial park 6 44:43
       PM 3 on the Salem Rail trail
F – 7m run home from Commonwealth 56:29
      PM 6+ at Dan’s work 53:10
Sat – 630am 4 at the River 35:00, then 2 with Petey 21:11
         PM 4 on the rail trail Rockingham mall to Windham 29:23
Sun – 7 on the Rockingham rail trail in Auburn/Manchester 52:28
          Later nice relaxing 3m in 29:15