Saturday, September 27, 2008

Injuries suck

Flashback to 2002, I was injured just prior to Mt Washington and pretty bummed about not being able to run. We went to the Spaghetti shed for dinner and Francis B drew a picture of me in crayon on the paper tablecloth. I liked it so much I framed the drawing (and made t-shirts out of it).

Injuries still suck, but at least I'm not on crutches or in a boot. 1:20 in the water this morn at Stiles pond. The water was dead flat which makes the running a lot easier. Air temp was higher than water temp and it was very foggy. No one else in the water this morn.


Jim Johnson said... your nose really that big though? Everything else looks to be in proportion...but your nose is a bit exaggerated...

ddmtnman said...

Yes it is, and I've always got flies around me.