Monday, September 8, 2008

Over a week injured

This is the eight day in a row that I haven’t run. My back is still very sore. It hasn’t improved over the last week.

On Aug. 31 I woke up feeling fine, but while walking to my car my lower back began to hurt (a lot). It was completely out of nowhere, there were no twinges or pain leading up to that point. My training was going pretty well with most weeks in the low 90’s. I missed a couple of days in July with a hip/groin problem and a day in August with a badly sprained ankle but otherwise was feeling very good.

Anyway….I drove to Mt Mansfield and did my normal warm-up but the back continued to hurt. I was at the race so there was no way I wasn’t going to run it. I ended up winning the race by a couple of seconds. Tim Mahoney, Paul Bazanchuk and I did a warm-down and then I headed home. I iced all the way home and the rest of the day, but it felt awful.

The next morning it was no better. Hurt to move, hurt to lie down, hurt to sit. No running, just a lot of icing and hoping it was a muscular injury. Saw the Dr. on Tuesday and he was pretty sure that it was a stress fracture (sacrum). Friday I went in for an MRI and I’m hoping to get results tomorrow.

So this blog will be my take on what it is like to be an injured runner…..It Stinks!

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