Saturday, September 13, 2008

World Mountain Running Trophy - Annual meeting

Some notes from todays meeting...
The big news of he day was the IAAF accepting the WMRA as a championship event. In the past the race was staged as a trophy event. Being accepted as a championship is a great step forward toward full recognition and greater funding from the IAAF. In the mtn running community the trophz has always been the pinnacle of the sport, and finally being recognized has been a long sought prize.

The location of the 2010 championship is undetermined, after the USA withrew no other country has been able to come forward with an event. The executive committee will be working over the next few months on securing a location.

The WMRA masters champs will be held in Croatia in 2009.

The World long distance challenge will be held in the USAin 2010 at the Pikes Peak ascent.

Norway has expressed interest in hosting the world champs in 2010.

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