Sunday, November 16, 2008

Total for the week

Well, my third week of running has been completed. Total for the week was 43 miles. Steady increase, and so far my back feels fine. I'm still having trouble with a ligament in my ankle, but tape and anti-inflams should knock that down.

Finished the week with a nice run on the Freeman rail trail (pictured above) a very nice paved path from Lowell to Westford (so far). Petey lives about 1/4 mile from the trail which makes it quite convenient.

The rain stopped just before we started and temps were still in the upper 50's making for a comfortable jaunt with Scott and Petey. Pete noted that we've been running together for over 25 years.


David Quintal said...

Must of been a day for rail trails. Enjoyed a 2 hr run on the Windham rail trail which allows you to hook up on a portion of the Boston Prep 16 miler course. Let me know when you guys can come up my way for a new rail trail!

pbazanchuk said...

Nice tally for the week.
On the orienteering, assuming my map and compass skills were up to par, how would 1st timer go about getting involved in the competition aspect. Are the meets are set up for various skill levels?

pbazanchuk said...

Pardon the typo's in the previous comment. It's been a long day.

Anonymous said...


Almost 25 years, mi amigo. I began running with you and Scott in September 1984. I brought it up since I have been thinking about what to get you guys! What's it got in its pocketses?


day-v done 'em said...

Definitely have to hit the Windham trail. I've biked it all the way to Manchester then out to Epping. Also, back in the late 80's I did a trail race on it. It was an out and back 10m that ran from Salem to Derry.