Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Sandwich Dome

dd with Mt Washington in the background.

I bagged my final county high point in New Hampshire with a run up and down Sandwich Dome with Kevin Tilton. We hit the trail at 10:30 AM this morning and conditions were great. The first 3 miles or so are just steady climb on wide trail (the first 2 miles are on a dirt road/XC -ski trail). The next 1.5 miles climbed a little more steeply and had 2-4" of snow on the ground. The next .6 brought us into deeper snow and some post-holing as we reached the saddle at 5.1 miles in. The last .5 to the summit had 6"-1' of snow on the ground and was a grind (18 minutes) up but a lot of fun running down (less than 8 minutes). With hit the summit 5.6 miles and 3,100' climb in 1:51 (with one 5 minute break). After 8 minutes on the top we bounded down. We were back in the parking lot in 1:07 (with one 3 minute break) for a total running time of 2:50 and overall time of 3:06 for the 11.4 mile round trip.

Thanks for coming along, Kevin!


Jim Johnson said...

Must be nice to not have to work for a livin'!

pbazanchuk said...

being a bit of a gearhead, what boots are you sporting in that picture?

pbazanchuk said...

maybe it's just a pair of trail shoes with a set of active ankles??

day-v done 'em said...

they are called Jalas and they are a great Orienteering shoe. They have studs for grip and they have incredible ankle support. The only part I don't like is that they are European and as such tend to be a bit narrow.