Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Pic: Best race of the month, 4th place at Northfield

The numbers:
288 miles with 1 day off
8 races totaling 29.4 miles
2 road races and 6 snowshoe races
Places- 2nd –two times, 3rd – two times, 4th – two times, 5th – two times
Highest week – 74
Lowest week – 44

Eight races ties Feb. 2007 with the 8th most in a month (the most I’ve ever done was 11 in May of 1982). The most I’ve ever done in January was 9 in 1982, but those were all indoor track races and the number gets pumped up by the five times I ran anchor leg in the 4x400.

Goals for Feb.:
Keep mileage at 70
Run three snowshoe races and two road races

02-07 Sidehiller 4 mile snowshoe race
02-08 Moody springs 5 mile snowshoe race
02-14 Bradford Valentines day 5 mile road race
02-15 Hike North Moat
02-22 DH Jones 10 mile – USATF NE championship
02-28 Hawley Kiln snowshoe race

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