Friday, July 31, 2009

Dark in the water

We've been running in the water at 4:30 AM and finishing just as it is getting light. It looks like we won't even see the sky get bright by the end of the month. Is that depressing?


EJ said...

A later sunrise, that is good for the rest of us as we get to sleep in half an hour.

Just wondering if you think wearing lycra(tights,shirt)would have any insulating properties in the water? How did your run go minus the wetsuit?

double-d said...

I would sometimes wear tights but not really for insulation more to help lessen chafing. The two guys I've been running with both wear a lycra type top and no wetsuit.

Are you running in the Ocean?

EJ said...

Funny you should ask as I am heading down to Florida for two weeks and was thinking of where I could run other then the ocean(don't like the idea of sharks and all). I was thinking that a nice safe pool would do.
Right now I am swimming in a lake in South Eastern Ontario. We had a nice hot day today so perhaps that will warm things up for me.