Wednesday, July 29, 2009


I tried this stuff in my coffee and it was great! A shot of coffee. I may use this a s a pre-race drink once I get back.


Anonymous said...

Tha sounds like something Rich Bolt would drink.

pbazanchuk said...

could you consume this before a USATF event or does it move your coffee onto the WADA banned substance list.
ps water running sounds like a good idea this week. man do i HATE summer.

double-d said...

KT: I can't believe Rich never told me about this stuff.

Paul: In plain language water running sucks. I can't think of many things that are worse than running in the water at 4;30 AM and SWEATING.

Summer does indeed suck but it is way better than trying to run in the water in late October :-)

Trail Pixie said...

Hhmm, I will have to try...looks likes great travel waker-upper. Does this mean I can't go back to Italy? jk.