Thursday, August 13, 2009

A few years back

12 years ago I had my worst injury (so far). A stress fractured Navicular ended up becoming a non-union fracture which required surgery to screw it back together. That was the first time I started running in Stiles pond. Here is my training log from then. The Boxford beach was not built yet so I’d head in via the boat ramp which meant some weedy swimming before it was deep enough and clear enough to run. Later, when I was on crutches it made for some comical attempts to not get killed hopping on one leg. At this point in ’97 I had been out for 5 weeks. The arm bike was fashioned using my regular road bike attached vertically to a pole in the basement. It worked pretty well, but the pedals were not made for gripping and my hands were always sore. I also had to sit with my face about an inch away from the crank. I also did a little “one legged” biking and the same with the rowing. For this week I did 8:15 of Arm biking, 0:40 biking, 0:20 rowing, and 11:45 water running for a total of 21:00 of workouts. Pretty similar to what I’m doing now.

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