Sunday, August 9, 2009

Three hour tour

Set a new record this morning for the longest water run. Dave, Mike, and I spent three hours "running" around Stiles pond. The first 2 hours went by pretty easily, with lots of chatter/singing/cursing/grunting. The last 35 minutes was kind of tough. We stopped at 2:25 or so and got a gel and the legs were a bit wobbly after that. Quote of the day came from a random swimmer who stopped to chat with us. He noted that he liked swimming at Stiles because there were "a lot of chicks".

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mueblerunner said...

...and the worst quote of the day was when that jerk on the dock told us our singing was"bad for the environment"

Nice effort today guys!
DD, those are nice pictures.

I'm off to clean my garage:)