Monday, October 26, 2009

Course records - Part 4

This is the final installment. Here are the course records that I still hold in races that still exist. Listed from Oldest.

10/15/89 White Mountain Milers ½ marathon 1:05:43 – Just over 20 years old, 24th annual will be held this weekend. I remember being disappointed that I couldn’t hold sub-5’s for this.

02/09/91 Fudge-cicle Series 5km - 14:57 – The record is nearly 19 years old and the series goes back to the 70s. I think the loop is done in the opposite direction from the way I ran it, but I don’t think that changes it much (it is much safer this way).

06/02/91 Nipmuck trail marathon - 3:01:54 – The record is over 18 years old and the race was held for the 26th time earlier this year. Trail records are always a bit dicey as the course is never 100% the same from year to year.

08/17/91 Londonderry Old Home day 5km - 14:44 – The record is just over 18 years old, and the race was held for the 30th time in 2009. The first mile is essentially the same as the (downhill) Millennium mile, but the last mile comes up the same hill. I can’t believe John Mortimer never took this record down.

08/21/91 Lynn woods 2.5 mile XC - 12:05 – The record is just over 18 years old, and the race has been held for a very long time (but previously on a slightly longer course?), again trail or XC courses tend to change a bit through the years. If anything the footing on this one has gotten better!

10/27/91 The Canton (MA) Gravy race 10km - 30:12 – The 21st annual running will take place later this month and if the record holds it will be 18 years. I ran it back in ’91 as part of the first HSR series. This year it is part of the final HSR series.

01/01/92 Freezer Five - 24:00 – Technically I’ve only tied the CR as Larry Sayers and I were given a tie (intentional) when we “jogged through” in 24 flat. This was my first race as a CMS member and it will be 18 years this January when they have the 29th running of this race in Sterling MA.

10/10/92 Applefest ½ marathon - 1:06:07 – The record hit 17 years earlier this month in the 27th running of the race. I still consider this to be the record (as does the GCS) as the course is the same EXCEPT the first 2m loop is run in reverse. I think this version is very slightly easier than the old course.

04/25/93 Leatherman's 10km trail race (Cross River Jct, NY) - 36:52. Again this is a trail race so hard to say that the exact same course is run. The 23rd annual was held this year and my record is now over 16 years old.

05/19/93 CMS series 5km (Worcester, MA) - 14:40 – This series has been held at least since 1990 or so. My record is just over 16 years old. The start/finish may be slightly different now. I think we started on the road and finished in the parking lot and that may be reversed now, but the loop is the same.

02/10/96 Bradford Valentines 5m - 24:31 – Over 13 years and the race had its 18th running in ’09. Pretty rare for anyone to run under 25 here, but I think Dan did (and maybe Gary Gardner). One year Craig Fram and I did 2 loops (one in the race and one right after) running around 52flat for the 10 miles.

04/14/96 Red shoe barn 5m - 24:12 – I think Fram also ran a 24:12 and then they rounded both of our times up to 24:13 (they originally listed my time as 24:12.01). Recent results had me listed as the record holder after the 28th annual early this year.

06/29/96 Tilton – Northfield 5km - 15:01 – This record has stood up for over 13 years in, this year was the 18th annual.

09/26/96 Newport ½ marathon - 1:06:48 – I think I should move this to “unconfirmed”. They still hold a half-marathon but I’m not sure if the course is the same. 18th annual running earlier this year and my record is 13 years old (the race was the USATF NE champs that year).

04/07/01 Chicago Lakefront 50km - 2:57:36 – At the time this was thought to be an American record then “somehow” the certified course came up 50 meters short. I was none too pleased, the only reason I went to the race was to go for the AR. They had the 10th annual early this year. I’ve still got the CR although technically my course was slightly different (of course any time road construction is done a course would be slightly different).

06/09/01 Whiteface Mountain 8m - 56:27 – Eric Morse and I tied, so I co-own the record. They held the 32nd annual earlier this year.

10/06/07 Stark Mountain 1m uphill - 23:50 – The record is now 2 years old and the race was just held for the 11th time. The course is “open”, meaning you choose your route to the summit. Morse and Tim Van Orden have both run it since my record but both may have run less optimal courses. I’m hoping to head out there with them and scout out the best way up. The record will not stand much longer.


mueblerunner said...

FYI the Fudgicle's used to be 3.7 back in the 70's when I ran a couple.
What about the NA 4th of July - weren't you the CR holder once?

Scott Mason said...

The Newport half does not exist anymore. There is a half in Newport, but it is tied in with the Amica Marathon which is a different course.

Nice blog stuff, makes me think of some of my old CR's. Oldest still going is Whitinsville(ma) Thanksgiving Race i ran 20 years ago at around 24.40 or so.

paulo said...

Dave, great stuff. I really wanted to run Stark Mountain this year and have a go at your record up there but then I moved down to VA...

Mine are up at (corrected).

double-d said...

DQ - I'll have to check that, I know I ran a good time at NA 4th but don't think it was a record.

Scott - Thanks! I'm always trying to get info and sometimes it is hard to get current race info. The Newport half was a lot of fun and I was pretty sure it was a new course.

Paulo - Stark is kind of funny, because it is an "Open" course (choose your route) I don't know if I should even call it a CR.

paulo said...

double-D, I beg to differ about Stark. That's the ultimate course record.