Friday, October 23, 2009

Old course records - Part 1

Paul had asked about the other course records that I had so here is part 1 of the answer. I'll post the CR's broken down by category (course changed, race no longer held, etc.) and finish with the ones that still exist in age order.

Here are what I consider to be the best records I had that were still a record when the race course was changed. There are others but these are the best ones.

10/18/98 Bay state marathon - 2:21:36. Not sure when the course changed, but it has been a few years on the new (and I think slightly tougher new course).
06/28/85 Dory run - 23:39 Swampscott, MA 5mile. The distance changed to a 5km many years ago. I think I still had the 5m record at the time.
04/28/96 Groton road race - 30:48. The course was changed to a totally different course a few years ago.

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