Thursday, October 15, 2009

SM 5km

I wasn't really expecting to race this week (vacation), but upon finding a race in nearby Oakville team DRC decided for me. I was surprisingly feeling "up" for this race, maybe the extra sleep and just relaxing was doing the trick. On race morning I had my bag ready with everything I could possibly need (and then some) but I somehow managed to drop my brand new racing flats in the parking garage. I didn't realize my mistake until we reached the race site. Too late to go back. A quick run to the start showed that they had Brooks shoes for sale but only had race flats "back at the store". Oh well. I was mad at myself for making such a major blunder.

I checked out the course as a warm-up and found it to be flat and fast. It also had each kilometer marked which I think ALL kilometer races should do. I love the feedback. I felt typically lousy while doing strides and headed for the line as the clock was down to 3 minutes until the start. They had a full road but chose to stick us all under the archway which was less than 1/2 the road wide (like Rhody). 500 people and stanchions in the way, what a recipe for a lawsuit. I lined up next to a couple of very young kids who were right on the front of the line. The little girls parents were telling her to make sure she "stake (d) out your position on the line". Talk about aggressive, I showed her....I have her an elbow to the head as I passed her (kidding!). Actually she was the top WOMENS finisher in 18:20!

I felt lousy right from the start and settled into 10th place almost right away. After the kilometer I moved up and led a couple of guys as the top 6 pulled away. I was in 7th place through the next 3 kilometers. I never felt good but thought I was doing well as 5th & 6th "came back" by the 4km mark. The 4k split was very slow (3:37) and maybe a little long (?) but the course is a certified 5km so no complaints about the overall time.

In the last k I got my lunch handed to me as three guys went blowing by and I had no response. One of the guys was a master, but I just had nothing when he went into a kick (beating me by 2 seconds). I ended up taking 10th and third 40+ in 17:22. The only good I'll take out of it is that it is my fastest 5km in trainers, I've never raced in trainers until this race.

Next up will be the Baystate marathon, my goal is to survive.....

SM run for Hope

Oakville Ontario


1 Sean Sweeney 15:45 Toronto

7 John Cusato 17:16 1st 40-44

9 Peter Von Euw 17:20 1st 45-49

10 Dave Dunham 17:22 2nd 45-49 CMS

The DRC took the top 5 places for US runners and all seemed to have fun.


Kevin said...

That's a pretty good 5k considering you're in the middle of training for a marathon. Oh wait... :-P

Petey said...


You ran Eastern's xc in trainers!


double-d said...

Dang! Petey always knows more about me than I do. I guess it was the first time I ran a ROAD race in trainers.