Friday, November 20, 2009

USATF NE grand prix

Well, the voting has been tabulated and slate "C" won (along with the Baystate marath).  I'm looking forward to hearing the breakdown of voting.  I hear C had the majority with 29% of the vote.  I wonder how close it was (has to be pretty close with 4 slates!).  I've listed the races below.  Bummer that Northfield (USATF NE trail championship) is on the same morning as the Bedford 12k.  I have a feeling it will hurt the quality at Northfield which is usually well attended by CMS runners.

I'm not sure how others feel about this slate system, but I'd much rather see a simple vote for every race that bids and the top race at each distance (or tops in the "odd distance" category) win.  No matter how you feel you should let your representatives at USATF NE know.  If you don't say anything they will assume that everyone likes the status quo.

Contacts at USATF NE:
Managing director:

Athletes reps:

Slate "C":

2010 USATF NE road race championships
Jones Group Realtors 10 Mile, 10M, Amherst MA, Sun, Feb. 28
New Bedford Half Marathon, 13.1M, New Bedford MA, Sun., Mar 21
Bedford Rotary Memorial 12K,12K , Bedford NH, Sat., May 22
Rhody 5K (MEN ONLY) ,5K ,Lincoln RI , Sun., June 6
Stowe 8 Miler, 8M, Stowe VT, Sun., July 18
Bridge of Flowers 10K , 10K , Shelburne Falls MA, Sat., August 14
Providence Ronald McDonald House Women's Classic (WOMEN ONLY) 5K, Providence, Sun, Oct. 3
Bay State Marathon, Lowell MA, Sun., Oct. 17, 8:00 AM


mueblerunner said...


As race director at Northfield, how difficult is it to change the date for your race? Too bad "C" won because I know you enjoy the Bedford 12K and I have never raced either Northfield or Bedford so it looks like I am going to miss one this year. I don't like the current voting system because you are forced to vote for some races that may not fit into your schedule. I think voting for individual races is the way to do it. Sort of like voting for an all star team in baseball. Choose the better player, or in this cse , the better race.


Dave H said...

I agree, it makes more sense to vote for each race distance separately than being stuck with a block of races. Why no 5 mile distance this year?

double-d said...

Unfortunately I already changed the NF race so it would not conflict with Pack Monadnock (or Rhody for that matter). Can't change again.

No 5m this year because none bid!