Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Winning margin

Back late last year, double-j won the Feel good farm trail race by a huge margin.  We had a brief discussion about margins of victory which got me thinking about what my record would be.  I had never figured it out, so it took a few months to compile the stats.  I have 354 wins, but could only figure out the winning margin in 246.  17 wins were intentional ties, so the margin was zero.  91 times I was unable to find the old results which may have listed the second place time. 

There are various ways to measure the margin and I've gone with the three below.  Margin - time between me and second place.  Margin/Mile - time between me and 2nd place divided by the distance run.  % ahead - my time divided by the second place time.

Smallest margin was .1 at the CMS 2m track series where I held off Bob Hodge.
Biggest margin was 30:56 at the Chicago Lakefront 50km, it was a tough day with 65-74 tems with 20-40 mph winds.  I passed through the marathon in  2:30:04 and ran the last 8km in 27:32 (which I'd love to run now!).
Dist.TimeInfoTypeMargin Margin/mile Losing time
% by
2.009:10.1CMS SeriesO track0:00:00.100:00.0500:09:10.2
31.072:57:36Chicago Lakefront 50kRoad0:30:56.000:59.73:28:32.0

The smallest margin/mile was at the Boyston (now Stu's) 30km.  It was the NE championship and Dan Dillon finished .3 behind me with Ed Sheehan another 3 tics back.  We did not sit and kick, it was a very fast run from start to finish with no one able to break away until the last 100m.

The largest margin/mile was at Stark mountain, which was also the slowest "mile" I've ever run.  It climbed straight up Stark mountain to the summit.

Dist.TimeInfoTypeMargin Margin/mile Losing time% by
18.631:38:03.0NEAC 30KRoad0:00:00.300:00.0161:38:03.3100.01%
1.000:23:51.0Stark MountainMtn0:02:56.002:56.00:26:47.0112.30%

% Ahead
The smallest % ahead was at Boyston where Dillon finished .01% behind. 

The largest % ahead was at the Dare Laconia 10k.  I ran alone from the start and won by nearly a mile (5:17 ahead).  Second place was 17.72% back.

DateLocationStDist.TimeInfoTypeMargin Margin/mile Losing time% by
03/08/92BoylstonMA18.631:38:03.0NEAC 30KRoad0:00:00.300:00.0161:38:03.3100.01%


mueblerunner said...

Cool stuff. That 30k sounds like it was a battle. Talk about NE running legends.
I'm curious about the 1984 Easten XC championships when we went 1-2 that was close but you still beat me racing in training shoes:)

DoubleJ said...

in 1984 I was 7.

mueblerunner said...

In 1984 I might have been in about the same race shape as you are right now and I venture to guess you got a low 52 minutes in you for Sunday, JJ.

DoubleJ said...

Thanks for the fantasy running pick DD....but 55 mid looks a little more realistic for me. 55 low for you.

DoubleJ said...

meant to say DQ...not DD. I need a drink.

Anonymous said...

I'll take credit for peaking your interest on margin of victory info digging. I need to have self-accolades for something!! 1984 Eastern XC was a year before Petey. I was a senior in HS and was the team's #1 runner....the jv team that is!!

double-d said...

DQ: 1984 Easterns was one of the races I could not find the results for. I won it it 25:55. What was your time.

SP: You did pique my interest in this when you comment on JJ's blog.

Anonymous said...

I was in error when I stated I was in high school in 1984. That was my freshman year. I got burned by the my first college cross country season (1984) being the same year as my HS garduation. Nevertheless, I was still pretty pathetic, 81st of 85 in my initial XC race. Needless to say, I stayed home for the Eastern XC Championships.