Friday, December 24, 2010

Hiking lists

Here are my top hiking lists with totals up to date...
ListTotalDone% comp
CT county high points88100%
CT county prominence8113%
MA county high points1414100%
MA county prominence1414100%
NH county high points1010100%
NH county prominence1010100%
RI county high points55100%
RI county prominence5120%
VT county high points1414100%
VT county prominence141071%
ME county high points16531%
ME county prominence16638%
NY county high points621829%
New England CO HP675684%
Northeast US CO HP3007926%
NE 4,000'683856%
NH 4,000'482960%
NH fire towers1616100%
AMC NE 100 highest1005151%
Belknap Range1212100%
US state high points503468%
On Boundary peak - NV state High Point

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