Thursday, December 30, 2010


I did a workout of sorts yesterday; it was something of a spur of the moment kind of thing. Dan was unavailable yesterday, so I decided to run on the treadmill at work rather than hit the narrow streets in Bradford. There just aren’t any good winter routes from my house (except at 4:30 AM when there is zero traffic). I got on the treadmill right after work and wasn’t sure if I’d do 5 or 6 miles (I did 5m in the morning and 3m at lunch). As I got closer to 3 miles I was thinking about whether I wanted to do a couple of pick-ups. I haven’t done anything fast in a while and I’ll be doing the Frosty Four in Salem on Saturday so getting some leg turnover would make sense. The additional benefit would be breaking up the time on the treadmill. The only drawback to this plan was the maximum speed on the treadmill (10mph or 6:00 mile pace).

I hastily decided to run 3x800 in 3:00 with 400 rest (at 7:00 pace which is quicker than I’d normally recover). The workout went well and I finished with a 1 mile WARM-down for a total of 6 miles in 40:02.

This was only my third workout of the year, but I’ll take them whenever I can. Hopefully this will help me keep Dan in sight and maybe improve on my time from last year (22:22). Time will tell…

2010 workouts
01/29/2010 2m warm-up, 1m in6:00 then 800 in 2:42.5 and 1m warm-down (on the treadmill at Pinnacle)
10/06/2010 4x400 with 400 rest on the Nashua track with Robert in 77.9/77.8/78.4 /77.9
12/29/2010 3m warm-up, 3x800 in 3:00, .25 rest, 1m warm-down on the Fitness center treadmill at work

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