Thursday, December 9, 2010


I've run 125 Cross-Country races since 09-17-1979.  This weekend I'll be running in my 6th National championship.  I'm hoping to crack the top 100, but you never know...

11/28/87 49th in 31:42 for 6.4 miles in a field of 500 -  New York NY TAC championships 40s cold very hilly

11/25/89 78th in 34:35 for 6.4 miles in a filed of  298 - San Francisco CA TAC championships Polo fields in CA pouring rain and 60 deg. felt awful.

11/30/91 45th in 30:49 for 6.25 miles in a field of 500 -  Boston MA TAC XC nationals in 100+ at mile with Hodge pased many

11/28/92 25th in 30:51 for 6.21 miles in a field of  323 -  Racine WI US championships Muddy, icy spots footing tricking. 5k movid into top 30. CMS 2nd by 11 pts

12/03/95 70th in 30:18 for 6.21 miles in a field of 379 -  Boston MA USATF championships CMS top Assoc team. Mud and frozen puddles, sprained ankle in warm-up

02/13/00 88th in 44:43 for 7.45 miles in a field of 92 -  Greensboro NC USATF championships Ran as a workout

From my best XC finish at Nationals in 1992

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Dave H said...

Wow there were some serious runners in that 1992 race. Have a great run in Charlotte this weekend!