Thursday, March 31, 2011

Florida trip

I spent last weekend in Florida visiting my parents.  I t was a good opportunity for me to take care of their taxes and have a few days relaxing in the balmy southern climate.   I got in a lot of miles, most of them doing a 2.3 mile loop around the development that they live in.  It was nice in the mornings before it got hot but I felt it even at sunrise running in 65 degree temperatures (which were a big shock after the 30’s at home).

The folks took me out to dinner one night (well really it was early afternoon J ) to celebrate my birthday.  A nice gentleman got us a bottle of champagne after the staff sang their version of the birthday song.  I cut loose having a vodka and red bull along with the champagne, I must have been dehydrated from the heat.

On the last full day in Florida I took my parents to Sugarloaf Mountain (310’) which is the highest point in Lake County.  It is also the most prominent point in all of Florida AND it is also the most isolated “peak” in Florida with no other higher point within 200 miles.  We drove to the top and kicked around the radio tower looking for the highest point.  We didn’t have much time as it soon started to pour.  The rest of the day featured downpour and lightning.

We made a quick stop at another county high point (Orange) which was appropriately located in an orange grove.  The final stop of the day was a visit to the Richloam trailhead which also had a fire tower.  Everything I could ask for in a day trip!  Unfortunately the rain was unrelenting so I did not climb the tower nor run on the trails. 

All in all a fun trip with a lot accomplished.

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