Thursday, April 14, 2011

Boston Marathon - Mike Beeman

My good friend and sometimes training partner Mike Beeman will be running his 34th consecutive Boston on Monday.  Good luck to him and everyone else running.

The Quarter Century Club was formed by Ronald Kmiec in 2001 to honor the achievements of John A. Kelly, the one person who most embodied the spirit of the quintessential Boston Marathoner, and to identify all those runners who had completed at least 24 consecutive Bostons, which was the most Johnny had completed. Sixteen were identified at that time, and the BAA began listing those with active streaks in its press releases and Results Books. The QCC became an official USATF Club, and has evolved into an association of those who have finished 25 or more Boston Marathons as official, numbered runners. The BAA currently lists only those with active streaks, but the QCC continues to recognize all those with current or retired streaks plus cumulative finishes of 25 or more. QCC members meet only once each year, during Marathon weekend in Boston and along the course on Marathon day, and many communicate with each other throughout the year. A few statistics: the 75 members of the QCC have a total of 2,393 Boston finishes among them, and come from 22 states and Canada, with MA (18), PA (9), and NY (8) having the most. Currently, 2 women are members of the QCC: Andrea Hatch (33 consecutive) and Nona Cerveny (25 consecutive).
42 Active streak Runners (1,364 Finishes)

(Rank/Age)                                                                            No. of Consecutive Finishes

01-64  Neil Weygandt                           Upper Darby PA                    44
02-61  Bennett Beach                           Bethesda, MD                        43
03-66  Timothy Lepore                         Nantucket, MA                      42
04-61  Mark Bauman                           Flushing MI                            41
05-56  Dave McGillivray                      N. Andover, MA                    38
6t-59  Russell Gill                                Hilliard, OH                            37
6t-68  Ronald Kmiec                             Carlisle, MA                           37
6t-68  Doug White                                Hockessin, DE                        37
9t-62 Thomas Homeyer                       Tully, NY                               36 (41 cumulative)
9t-60 Kevin Petrovek                            Hyannis MA                          36
11t-65  Ludovit S. Cap                          Hilton Head Island, SC           35
11t-59  Daniel Larson                          Queensbury, NY                     35 (40 cumulative)
13t-61  Thomas Licciardello                North Andover, MA              34
13t-74  Stanley Vancelette                  Amherst, NH                          34
15t-54  Michael Beeman                      Tifton, GA                              33
15t-63  Steven D. Coffman                  Alexandria VA                        33
15t-66  Hal W. Goforth, Jr.                  El Cajon, CA                           33 (35 cumulative)
15t-67  Andrea Hatch                           Castine, ME                            33


DoubleJ said...

I have run 2 and this will be my 3rd (3rd cumulative too). Can you figure out where I am on the list and if I'm tied with anyone? ;)

Michael said...

I see that Kmiec guy all the time in Carlisle where I work (& run). He carries a long wooden stick with him as he runs. Not sure why.

mueblerunner said...

Tom Licciardello was my 8th grade English teacher and I ran many miles with him during the late 70's and early 80's. In fact, I recall him training for his first BAA marathon with my oldest brother, Bob.
Johnny the Elder with 61 BAA's is still mind boggling.