Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Old course records

Old April course records

I have three course records (for races in April) on the books that have stood up for a fair amount of year.

The 25th running of the Leatherman’s 10km trail race will take place later this month (http://www.leathermansloop.org/).  I set the course record back in 1993 running 36:52.  The race is very popular and entry is closed this year.

Red’s shoe barn (now renamed something else but still run on the same course) 5m will hold it’s 30th annual race this year.  I set the CR back in 1996.  Craig Fram ran a similar time a few years later but with 1/100th’s I still got the CR of 24:12.01.  I may run there this year and take a shot at running under 28 minutes which would be close to my 40+ PR. 

The final April CR I still hold is the Lakefront 50km in Chicago.  The record is now 10 years old and this year will be the 12th annual running of this loop course held on the waterfront.  I have bittersweet feelings about this CR (2:57:36), it should have been the American Record but due to a snafu the course was 50m short of certified (you have to add 1 meter per kilometer to certify and they did not).  D’oh!