Sunday, September 25, 2011

Arches National Park – 09/15/11 – 5 miles from Moab Utah.  Visited a bunch of overlooks then headed out to Devil’s Garden for a run out to Dark Angel and back including side trips to all the arches along this trail.  Devil’s Garden is the longest maintained trail in the park and accesses eight arches.  “Expect narrow ledges with rocky surfaces and scrambling over slickrock”. 

Mostly it was very run-able, with just a couple of “tricky” spots.  It was a very enjoyable run and I pretty much had the trail to myself (most don’t venture beyond the first couple of arches).  It took me 31:33 to run out to Dark Angel, including a couple of mistakes on the “rock fin” and 41:46 to come back with the added visits to the other Arches along the way.
Scary section of slickrock

Crossing a rock fin

Dark Angel - Isn't that a song by the Cult?

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