Monday, October 17, 2011

Old Course records - October

Old Course Records
I’ve got four records that still exist for races that are held in October.  The oldest is the White Mountain Milers ½ marathon.  I ran 1:05:43 in 1989; it is unlikely that anyone will break that time this year in the 26th annual running.  The race still gets a very good turnout but it is rare for anyone to break 1:10 on one of the fastest courses in New England.  The next oldest is the Canton Gravy race 10k which will be 20 years old if it holds up at the end of the month.  This year will be the 23rd running of the race which is a generously called a “rolling” 10k.  I ran 30:12 back in 1991 beating Steve Warren by over a minute.  He took it out hard and we ran together for the first 2.5 miles before I pulled away, he ended up running a solid 31:24.  The Hollis Applefest “event” record held up for its 19th year in the 29th running of the race.  The course is slightly different than the one I ran back in 1992 (1:06:07) with the first 2 mile loop run in the opposite direction of what I did ‘back in the day’.  I’ve run the newer version of the course as well (the other 11 miles is the same) and I’d say it is about as difficult.  The final October record I’ve still got is the Stark Mountain climb in Fayston VT.  My record has made it for four years.  I ran 23:50 for this impossibly tough 1 mile run (yes 1 mile!) straight up this Mountain.  The 13th annual was held earlier this month.  This is the slowest mile I've ever run and the slowest pace per mile for a course record that I hold.

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DoubleJ said...

Great stuff. 1:05-anything is just ridiculous.

Please consider changing the photo at the top of your blog. I find it unfortunate that I have to see your nipples once a day.

Also, if Tivo wasn't videoing, tweeting, selling t-shirts, and signing autographs as he was running up Stark, he may have been able to break that record....