Saturday, November 19, 2011

November 1981

30 Years ago
I ended my final season of high school cross-country (XC) with three state meets over consecutive weekends at Franklin Park.  I finished second at the State Coaches meet running the 3 mile course in 15:08.  The following week I won the state class meet with splits of 4:36/9:50/15:02 finishing 8 seconds ahead of Sean Coughlin.  My final XC race of the season was the State Championships where conditions were “cold and very slippery”.  I took a disappointing third place in 15:16 behind Gorman (14:56) and Steve Perkins (15:16). 


Kevin said...

Some guy named Coogan finished 39th.

Matt Holton said...

thanks for sharing a bit about your running history - any photos?

double-d said...

Not many pictures from back in the olden days.