Thursday, August 2, 2012

USATF NE Grand Prix road race series

Five races into the grand prix series and two races to go (5k in Lowell in Sept & marathon in Falmouth in Oct).  Thirty people have finished in the top ten in their respective categories for ALL five of the races.  How many will stay healthy, race the final two events, and finish in the top 10?  Check back in October...

Kevin JohnsonWMDP108109845
Nate JenkinsCMS9998742
MEN'S 40-44
Joe ShairsCMS3655524
Jonathan MaySRR2724419
MEN'S 45-4910M13.112K10K5MPTS
Wayne LevyBAA109109947
Dave DunhamCMS9798841
MEN'S 50-5410M13.112K10K5MPTS
Robert CiprianoSRR10101091049
Paul HammondWRT9898842
Paul DoeWRT6477226
MEN'S 55-5910M13.112K10K5MPTS
Dennis DonoghueWCRC8898942
MEN'S 60-64 10M13.112K10K5MPTS
Michael CryansGLRR98108843
Tom DerderianGBTC10787234
Rich StockdaleGCS5269729
Lindsay WillardBAA9899439
Kate HailsSRR4656324
WOMEN'S 40-4410M13.112K10K5MPTS
Christin DoneskiWRT10910101049
Karen PattelenaGCS8789840
Laurie GaudreauWCRC5265523
Kerry MaySRR2374622
WOMEN'S 45-4910M13.112K10K5MPTS
Sarah PrescottWRT6544524
WOMEN'S 50-5410M13.112K10K5MPTS
Cathy MerraGCS8979942
Amanda MaffeiGLRR4554422
Nancy DornGLRR2163517
WOMEN'S 55-59 10M13.112K10K5MPTS
Lisa DoucettCSU8979841
Elizabeth CooneySRR3456725
Gail BreslowCSU5524319
Susan StirratWRT4135518
WOMEN'S 60+10M13.112K10K5MPTS
Karen DuranteWRT88910742
Annajean McMahonNSS5375323
Leanne WardGCS2233212

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