Friday, October 5, 2012

USATF NE Grand Prix

There are only about 80 people who've done all six of the USATF NE championship road races so far this year.  With one race left in the series (the Marathon) it should be interesting to see how many get "Iron Runner" status...and the jacket that goes with it.  I've only done all seven one other time, but I'm planning on running the marathon in a few weeks.
Of the 80 who've done all six only 26 have finished in the top 10 in their age group to earn points in EACH of the six races.  That means they've run well at a number of distances between February and September, not an easy feat!
Nate JenkinsCMS99987850MEN'S OPEN
Joe ShairsCMS36555731MEN 40-44
Wayne LevyBAA1091099855MEN'S 45-49
Dave DunhamCMS97988546MEN'S 45-49
Robert CiprianoSRR1010109101059MEN'S 50-54
Paul HammondWRT98988951MEN'S 50-54
Paul DoeWRT64772531MEN'S 50-54
Dennis DonoghueWCRC88989547MEN'S 55-59
Michael CryansGLRR981088750MEN'S 60-64 
Rich StockdaleGCS52697130MEN'S 60-64 
Larry MorrisNMC23442217MEN'S 65-69 
George GeisNSS53424624MEN 70+
Lindsay WillardBAA98994241WOMEN'S OPEN
Kate HailsSRR46563327WOMEN'S OPEN
Christin DoneskiWRT1091010101059WOMEN'S 40-44
Laurie GaudreauWCRC52655730WOMEN'S 40-44
Sarah PrescottWRT65445529WOMEN'S 45-49
Cathy MerraGCS89799951WOMEN'S 50-54
Amanda MaffeiGLRR45544426WOMEN'S 50-54
Nancy DornGLRR21635219WOMEN'S 50-54
Lisa DoucettCSU89798849WOMEN'S 55-59
Elizabeth CooneySRR34567631WOMEN'S 55-59
Susan StirratWRT41355523WOMEN'S 55-59
Karen DuranteWRT8891071052WOMEN'S 60+
Annajean McMahonNSS53753730WOMEN'S 60+
Leanne WardGCS22332517WOMEN'S 60+

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