Sunday, October 27, 2013

Go to Maine

Go up that hill.

Agamenticus fire tower

I’d been up Mt Agamenticus once before back in 2007 when Ken Tripp and I did a run on the trails.  We bagged Second Hill and hit the summit of Agamenticus right at sunset and then ran down the auto road.  The hill had a great view as there isn’t much along the seacoast of York that is anywhere near as high.  I decided the time was right to head back and bag the summit via my ElliptiGo.

I parked at the Exit 7 Park and Ride because it was convenient to the highway and it was exactly 7 miles away from the summit.  This would give me a rolling uphill ride that gained 300’ in the first 6 miles and another 300’ in the last mile.  I gave myself 40 minutes to get to the top in time for sunrise.

The road was still wet from some overnight showers, but with little traffic at that hour I had the entire road to work with.  As it grew lighter I rolled up to the gate and then started the tough part of the climb.  It was over quickly and I pulled into the parking lot 6 minutes before sunrise.  I got a couple of shots of the full moon, the fire tower, and the surrounding area while waiting for the sun.

After a couple of post-sunrise pictures I was off.  The downhill wasn’t that bad and took less than 2 minutes then it was a 6 mile stroll back to the car.  Next up?  Maybe another fire tower!

Up = 27:30 to the park road then 6:20 = 33:50
On top = 11:58
Down = to road in 1:32 and back 23:03 = 24:35

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