Friday, October 4, 2013

Wachusett Mountain

Since getting my new workout tool, the ElliptiGo, I’ve started to seriously look at not just biking up the paved summit of New England but now also going up them all on the Go!

I biked up Kearsarge a few weeks back and that got me fired up for doing the original three USATF NE mountain series races (Kearsarge, Wachusett, and Pack Monadnock).  The Government shut down on Tuesday morning and I took full advantage and headed off to bag Mt Wachusett.

Wachusett Mountain:

I got up at 4am and did my morning row, bike, row, then headed off to Princeton, MA.  I first ran up Wachusett back in 1996, this would be my first time up on either the Go or the bike.  I used the “new” version of the course, which started at the base of Mile Road and went to the summit via the “down” road.  I got on the Go and headed up the road in a pretty low gear.  I knew the first mile would be tough, but it was REALLY tough.  I got a bit of a break as you enter the park and drop down a bit.  After that it was back to the grind (pretty much a steady 7% grade).  I found a decent rhythm and worked right to the top.  It took me 24:13 to reach the tower.  During the running race back in May I’d run up in 24:04.

I hit the summit just after sunrise and got a few pictures and checked out the new fire tower on the summit.  Zoom!  Off I went down the mountain the fastest I’ve ever gone on the Go.  It was a blast.  I was down in 7:32, which is an average of 24 MPH including the uphill stretch leaving the park.

I quickly locked up the Go and was off again, this time on my Mountain Bike.  My tire pressure was a bit low (set more for off-road) but I wasn’t racing or anything, just out enjoying the morning.  I hit the top in 22:46 and came down in 6:35 (average 27 MPH).  After the ride it was off to the River for an easy 4 mile run then back home for another row, bike, row.  Day one of the shutdown in the books!


Greg said...

Wow! That's a full day! That rowing must be awesome for a runner, as it works all the muscles that running neglects. Is your upper body starting to look like George Adams '?

Anonymous said...

I'll never look like George, he is huge! - dd