Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Looking back - Nov 1993

20 Years ago = Nov. 1993 – I was really hampered this month with a bad ankle. I started the month with a win at the Burlingame (now called the “Lil’ Rhody” 7.9 mile trail race. I opened up with a sub-5 mile on the road then hit the trails. My 44:09 was the course record at the time it held up until Stephen Herrera ran 44:01 in 2000. As of this year it is still the 2nd fastest time ever run at Rhody. I finished the month at the Feaster Five which grew to 6,000 runners this year and ended up starting 20 minutes late due to the crush. The 5k split early on and we had to weave through the back of the 5k pack in the final mile of the race. It was a tight race (and fast) due to a solid prize purse (maybe the last time they offered any money?). Scott Bagley took the win in 24:06 and I ended up in 5th place 11 seconds later and scored $100.


Greg said...

Your 44:09 at Lil Rhody is indeed a smoking time, however, it's on the old course that ran ccw and was 7.9mi. The current course (as of 2002 I believe) runs cw and is a full 8mi. (They moved the start back to make it 8). Stephen Herrera has run 44:36 on the current course which is the c.r.

double-d Mountain runner said...

Thanks Greg! You ran some smoking times there as well.