Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Chelmsford Alumni race

Chelmsford Alumni race – I’ve been fortunate enough to run the Chelmsford cross-country alumni meet a five times in the last seven years.  Race director Keith O’Brien and I met in High School when we were on rival squads from Chelmsford and Billerica respectively.  He puts on this fun event (17th annual) on the Friday after Thanksgiving and it is always a good time meeting up with old friends.  I got in a nice warm-up with Dave and Danielle, plus a little extra on my own.  The race is sometimes part group run part race and this year proved to be a somewhat easy run for 2 miles.  I ran with Cooney, Beauchesne, and O’Brien as they chatted for the first 2 miles.  Eric and Mike upped the tempo and O-bie and I quickly fell back. I think the top two sprinted for the line but there was no sprint where I was.  Still, I was happy with how I felt running fairly easily at 6:43 pace over 3.2 miles.  That was the fastest I’ve run since August!

1. Mike Cooney               Brockton High School               20:42
2. Eric Beauchesne          Chelmsford High School           20:43
3. Dave Dunham             Billerica High School                  21:50
4. Keith O'Brien               Chelmsford High School            21:51
5. Frank Georges             Phillips Academy                      22:23
6. Mark Gallagher             Chelmsford High School          22:30
7. Steve Sartori               Lexington High School             23:43
8. Richie Blake                 Tyngsborough High School      23:52
9. Glen Turgiss                Chelmsford High School           23:55
10. Mark Blaisdel              Wilmington High School           23:58
11. Amy Beauchesne       Chelmsford High School            24:46
12. Jim Stronach             Tewksbury High School            24:47
13. Gary Turgis               Chelmsford High School            25:06
14. Lee Panas                 Chelmsford High School            27:30
15. Dave Lapierre            St. John's Shrewsbury                  27:40
16. Danielle Lapierre         Chelmsford High School           27:41
17. Dennis Poie               Chelmsford High School            38:11
18. Bob Philpot               Chelmsford High School             38:42

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