Sunday, December 8, 2013

Texas High Point

Headed to Texas with Eric to bag a few peaks.  We hit the highest point in the Franklin Mountains (North Franklin Mountain) as a warm-up for the big peak the next day.

We headed up to Tom Mays park and began our amble for the summit.

The first mile or so was very rocky.  After that we had some decent climbing on dirt road.  We got some nice views along the way.  Although coming from sea-level to 7,000' kept the pace reasonable.
We ran the 4m up in 55 minutes and spent a couple of minutes on top before heading down...

It took us 45 minutes to run back down.  We finished the day with an easy 24 minute flat run on a bike path near the hotel.  It was a good warm-up for the next days challenge.

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MTNRUNR said...

Neat new pix! Love the old SH!!!