Saturday, January 18, 2014

Just a little more fudge

Last weekend Ryan Gough ran an excellent 15:50 over the 3.15 mile Fudgesicle series loop in Tewksbury.  It got me wondering when was the last time a runner had gone under 16 at the Fudge races.  I looked back through all of the results that are posted on Coolrunning and was not just surprised at how few have ever gone under 16 but also how rare it is to break 17 minutes.  Richard Bolt was the last runner to run sub-16 and he did that twice in 2006 running a 15:46 and a 15:44.

 Back in 1991 I set the course record (14:57), on that day Mike Woodman ran an excellent 15:41 placing 2nd.  I’m pretty sure that Woody’s time is still the third fastest ever run trailing only my time and Buddy Bostick’s former CR of 15:31.  Teammate Art Demers ran a 16:06 that day to place third a solid time that on most days would have won.

Looking back through the years that Coolrunning I came up with the list below of the fastest time run each year.  Typically if you break 17 minutes you are running pretty fast.  The only question that jumps out from this is:  Is the 2014 Ryan Gough the same person who ran the fastest time in 2002????

1997     16:51    Sean Donnelly
1998     16:52    Mick Grant
1999     ??        
2000     ??        
2001     17:42    Don Fay
2002     17:19    Ryan Gough
2003     17:34    Joe Shairs
2004     18:32    Bob Kearns
2005     17:50    Bob Kearns
2006     15:44    Richard Bolt
2007     17:40    Dave Dechellis
2008     16:56    Dan Verrington
2009     16:24    Jim Johnson
2010     17:35    Mike Quintal
2011     16:57    Matthew Germaine
2012     16:55    Chris Healey
2013     16:50    Stephen Gendron
2014     15:50    Ryan Gough

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