Saturday, February 22, 2014

Looking back (way back)

30 years ago - February 1984:

During the month I ran 166 miles with 6 days off due to plantar fascia problems.  Because of the foot woes I only raced once.  I took 3rd place at the Eastern Track championships at Southern Connecticut running a 9:02:.2.  We ended up taking the team title with 97 points!


25 years ago – February 1989:

I was healthy this month and logged 389 miles with no days off.  For whatever reason (lost to the depths of time) I only raced once.  My 50:03 for 10 miles was a course record but I think it was first year race (in Tewksbury) and I don’t think they held it again.  The picture shows me struggling for the finish and passing an older guy and a kid.  They were running the 5 mile race which finished in the same spot.


15 years ago – February 1999

I only raced 3 times in due to problems with my ankle and Achilles after the 10 mile race.  I ended up missing three days.  The first race was the mid-winter classic in Cape Elizabeth Maine were I “felt awful” and took a tie for 1st place in 52:17 (with CMS teammate Byrne Decker).  Two weeks later I attempted my first snowshoe race, a 7 mile in Hawley MA.  I ended up having to stop 3 times to fix my shoe (I didn’t tighten the straps enough) and in the end finished in 2nd place (58:05) 10 seconds behind Leigh Schmitt.  The following week I headed out to Amherst for the USATF NE 10 mile.  I got a $150 speeding ticket on my way out there.  I didn’t go quite as fast in the race, finishing a disappointing 9th place in 52:27.


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