Thursday, May 22, 2014

Peak bagging, town bagging, tower bagging

I kicked off the weekend with some more tower bagging (and got a NH town that I hadn’t run in along the way).  Monroe Hill (1,220’), Lovewell Mountain (2,461’), Chandler Mink Hill (1,340’), and Oak Hill(960’) were my goals.  My plan to be on top of Monroe hill in the Fox Forest State park at sunrise was somewhat foiled by the weather.  I stood on top at sunrise but there was no sun, instead I was met by rain, thunder, and lightning.  It only rained hard for about 5 minutes so most of the run was quite enjoyable.  I added a little on to get 3 miles.

Back in the car I was off to Washington NH and Lovewell Mountain.  I parked at the junction of the Monadnock Sunapee trail and a class 6 road. The run up was very nice, although it was quite foggy so I got no view on top.  The weather was really strange and it was maybe 10 degrees warmer on top of the peak than at my car.  I added a little out/back on at the end of the run in order to get 5 miles. 

Next up was a drive to Warner NH for the remains of a fire tower on Chandler Mink.  I parked on a side road after passing through a scenic covered bridge.  The trail was a logging road for some of the climb and then transitioned into a well marked although seemingly little used trail.  At the summit I found a couple of hunters tents full of trash and a bit further along I found the ruins of the tower.  I zipped back down and headed for my final peak of the day.  Oak hill fire tower is one of my favorites and is quickly rising on my list of most climbed peaks.  I’ve run up from a number of directions and always enjoy the view from the tower.  The location just off of route 93 makes it a great place to head to whenever I’m returning from somewhere else.  I got in a nice relaxing 3 mile run and hope to get in more on this nice hill.

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