Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Day 2 - Long weekend

Day 2 (Friday) – After a night at the base of the fire tower Al and I got up at 5am to catch sunrise.  We were treated to a great view as the sun came up between the mountains and a lower cloud deck.  We broke camp and 36 minutes of hiking down had us back at the car.  

We then dropped my car at the end of the Gore mountain trail and drove Al’s car around, coming within 100 meters of the Canadian border, to the edge of the Round Mountains.  We parked on the shoulder of East Round and headed in for our 3 peak bushwhack traverse.  First up was a 500’ climb over .8 that brought us to East Round (2,714’), then we dropped 300’ before climbing another 550’ to the summit of Round (2,932’) after another 1.1 miles.  We took a break on Round then dropped down 200’ before climbing another 650’ which brought us to the top of Gore Mountain in 1.4 miles.  We checked out the fire tower ruins and cabin on Gore and then hit the trail for a 4.2 mile descent (-1,800’).  My feet were starting to feel sore after this 4.5 hour hike so that was the end of the day for me.

Al and I parted ways as he was off to bag more peaks and I was off to Gorham NH.  Once I got to Gorham I thought it would be a good idea to do a short ride to get the kinks out before the big ride the next day.  I was planning on doing a Presidential Rail Trail double traverse on Saturday, going from Whitefield to Gorham and back.  I decided it’d be a good idea to see the section from Gorham to Berlin that we weren’t riding (they allow ATVs on that section so it isn’t as much fun).  I got in a nice ride, with the exception of getting coated with dust from the ATVs blowing by, right up until I turned in Berlin.  At that point I went out on the paved road to turn and as I slowed for the turn I hit a pothole and went over the handlebars.  Ugh.  I banged up my knee, hip, and shoulder pretty well.  Great way to prepare for a long ride!  After a few minutes gathering myself I biked back to Gorham feeling a little sore but not too bad.

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