Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Ravenswood trail race

It had been a few years (7) since I last ran Ravenswood and I'd almost forgotten how enjoyable this gem is.  The entry fee is a bargain at $12 and you get your money's worth and then some.  I won this race back in 2002 over a shorter and less technical route.  My best time on the current version was 28:54 back in 2007.  My goal was to get through without breaking an ankle on the many roots and rocks.  I thought I had a shot at finishing somewhere between 5th and 10th and was aiming to run under 30 minutes.

I met up with Doug and we headed out for 3 miles on various parts of the course.  After that I switched into racing flats and did another mile.
Over 100 lined up on the narrow trail and I positioned myself near the front.  Todd Callaghan shot out with Dave Long in pursuit.  Jim Pawlicki and Eric Narcisi tucked in and Chris Smith went by me early on.  I could hear Doug DeAngelis right behind me and knew I had my work cut out for me.

I caught Smith as we turned on to the first section of single-track and was happy to have a clear view of the trail ahead.  I could hear him and Doug close behind as I hit the mile in 6:54.  Soon after I lost sight of Jim and Eric and by 2 miles (7:27/14:21) I couldn't hear anyone behind me except when we passed spectators (who called out for them).

By three miles (7:20/21:41) I was starting to get into a good rhythm and took a quick peek back when I hit the carriage road.  I could see Smith about 15-20 seconds back and was also worried about Doug's superior speed over the faster footing.  I kept working as hard as possible (how daring I wanted to be on the iffy footing was the major factor) and hit four miles in 6:34/28:15).  That split was my fastest thanks to mostly carriage roads and some downhill running. 

I hit the finish line in 29:33 for 5th place overall and tops in the 50+.  The 40+ age group was super-tough with Doug taking 7th overall an 5th in the 40+!

A big group of us headed out to do an easy loop of the course which made for a nice finish to the day.

1 15 Todd Callaghan Beverly MA M M40-49 26:50.8 06:33
2 72 David Long Beverly MA M M40-49 27:26.1 06:41
3 93 James Pawlicki Lynn MA M M40-49 27:53.5 06:48
4 84 Eric Narcisi Charlestown MA M M30-39 28:06.3 06:51
5 29 Dave Dunham Ward Hill MA M M50-59 29:32.9 07:12
6 115 Christopher Smith Woburn MA M M40-49 29:58.1 07:19
7 23 Doug DeAngelis Ipswich MA M M40-49 30:20.9 07:24
8 21 Ryan Cronin Beverly MA M M20-29 31:00.2 07:34
9 66 Emma Kosciak Somerville MA F F30-39 31:32.1 07:41
10 60 Edward Jeffries Essex MA M M50-59 31:58.2 07:48

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