Thursday, November 27, 2014

Old Pet Cemetery

On Saturday I visited Londonderry (and Derry) to check out a section of the rail trail in anticipation of the long run on Sunday.  It was fun going back to my old stomping grounds; I lived in Londonderry from 1989-1995.  Since I parked at the junction of the rail trail and route 28 I decided to check out the pet cemetery I knew was in the area.  Back in “the day” I ran on all of the trails between the rail trail and Scobie pond and Old Derry road.  On one of those runs I cut behind the power lines and noticed something in the woods a few feet from the trail.  Of course I investigated and was surprised to find a very small pet cemetery.  I was doubly surprised when I noted that one of the stones was for a pet that had died on that very day! (In a different year)

I hadn’t had a chance to go back since that first visit and thought some pictures would be nice to have.  Unfortunately the Utility Company had expanded the cut for the power lines.  After some kicking around I was able to find the stones, now only three stones are standing and I was able to find the remnants of at least two others.  It was interesting to go back after so many years.


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SJ said...

Cool find, even cooler to find it again so many years later.