Friday, December 19, 2014

BU Mini meets

It has been nearly 3 years since I last raced on the indoor track.  With the All-Terrain series kicking off in 2015 with an indoor track mile I think it’d be prudent to do a couple of races before the ‘big’ one.  I’ve done the BU mini meets five times over the last 15 years, although I would have thought I’d done more.  It is a great series of three small meets in late December and early January where you can go test yourself on the track.  It is an all-comers meet that on some weekends may have over 100 people doing the 3,000 in various heats.

I’m planning on running the 3,000 and the 400 tomorrow with the goal being simply to run as hard as I can.  It should be “fun”.

My past results at the Mini meets (place is just my place in that particular heat):

01/09/99 3,000 meters, traded the lead with Colin Peddie until final 400.  1 Peddie 836, 2 me 8:36.8

01/09/99 Mile, second race of the day, got buried in the last 100m took 5th place in 4:31.3, First place  Peddie 422

 12/15/07 3,000 meters felt good most of the way almost beat Craig Fram (Junior!) took 10th in 9:34.3,

12/22/07 3,000 meters trail Craig Fram (senior) who was doing a workout.  Took 19th in 9:29.7

12/22/07 Mile, felt pretty beat.  Broke 5 but got “girled” in the last 50 meters.  11th place in 4:59.2     

12/29/07 3,000 meters had a good second half, almost got Pawlicki at the end.  Took 6th place in 9:26.4

12/20/08 3,000 meters took 16th in the 2nd heat in 10:01.1 

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