Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Looking back

25 years ago today (02-18-1990) I raced over a tough hilly 30km course in Omhi Japan.  I won the trip to Japan for being the top New England finisher at the Boston Marathon the previous year (17th place – 2:22:03).  The trip was unbelievably fun with the hosts treating me like a king.  I went out a bit to aggressively at the start (31:06 for 10k) but kept rolling along.  My second 10k was 32:34 and I closed with a 33:41 for a 17th place finish in 1:37:21.  Highlights of the trip (beyond the race) were running in the Royal Garden, riding the bullet train, and getting a private viewing of some famous Picasso paintings.

Pre-race interview on Japanese TV


SJ said...

Sounds like a fun trip. Rockin the Chuck Taylor's....sweet-athlete endorsement?

Kevin said...

No bolo?