Wednesday, March 4, 2015

First workout of the year

I'm considering racing soon so I thought it'd be good to attempt a little turnover.  I had Physical Therapy scheduled for today and decided that when I hit the treadmill I'd do a little workout.  I've only been running for 5 weeks since taking a 4 week layoff due to I wasn't expecting much and I wasn't going to overdo it.

Plan - 1 mile warm-up, 1 mile at 6 minute pace, 1/2 recovery, 1 mile under 6 minute pace, 1/2 warm-down.

1 mile warm up in 7:57
1 mile in 5:52.9
1/2 in 3:55
1 mile in 5:43.9
1/2 in 3:44

Total = 4 miles in 27:13

It's a start!

Post run - compression and ice in the "Game Ready" boot.  I hope the boot name is right :-)

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