Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Red's Shoe Barn - old CR

My CR from the Red’s Shoe Barn 5m reached the 19 year mark (04-14-1996) today.  On that day back in 1996 I ran a 24:12.01 over the rolling course.  I got out well in a pack with Dan Verrington, Mike O’Brien, Eric Morse, and Byrne Decker.  Dan stuck the longest and I didn’t get clear of him until the final mile.  I got my win with Dan running a solid 24:37 followed by O’Brien (24:47), Morse (24:57) and Decker (25:09). 
I’m not sure what the old CR was at the time but the race was already in its 15th year by that time so there were probably some sub-25 times.  In the last 9 years there have only been four runners under 26 minutes.  There must have been some decent prize money back in the day since there were some quick times run. 
Here are the top times since 1996:
1996 Dave Dunham        24:12.01
1997 Craig Fram             24:13
2006 Patrick Moulton       24:17
1999 Chris Teague          24:26
1998 Mike O’Brien           24:28
1997 Mike O’Brien           24:33
1997 Eric Morse              24:36
1996 Dan Verrington       24:37
1999 Dave Dunham        24:41
1996 Mike O’Brien           24:47
2002 David Hinga           24:48
1997 Byrne Decker          24:51
1999 Mike O’Brien           24:52
1996 Eric Morse              24:57
1999 Tom Anderson        24:59

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