Sunday, June 14, 2015

Londonderry rail trail

I first ran on the Londonderry rail trail back in the late 1980's when it was a rough dirt path and in places still had RR ties.  I've been on all of the trail from Lawrence to Exit 5 in Londonderry in recent years but had yet to check out North of Exit 5.  Yesterday I headed out on the newly paved section.  It was in great shape and quite scenic.  I parked near Poor Boy's and headed North on the trail.  The paved section ends at the Middle School after 1.5 mostly shaded miles.  From that point I crossed over route 128 and went up Mammoth road before getting back on the trail.  It looks like this part has had some work done as the next 3/4 miles has the ties pulled up (and piled next to the trail).  The final 1/2 mile is a bit rough with the ties still down but has had a lot of use so it is mostly easy to run.  The trail ends just under 3 miles from the start at Harvey road at the Manchester airport.

For a little change I ran back on the gas line right-of-way which runs parallel to the RT from the airport to Mammoth road.  It is also run-able but a bit grassy in spots.  All in all this was a great place to run.  Some day I'll have to take on the whole 20+ miles from Lawrence to MH or maybe bike the round trip?

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