Thursday, July 2, 2015

July 2000

15 years ago today: Eric Morse and I went out to Vail CO for the Vail Hill Climb, which was a qualifier for the US Mountain running team.  The 2,000’ climb over 7.5 miles wasn’t particularly steep but the altitude was tough for us sea-level runners.  Local boy Matt Carpenter took the win, I ended up in second place (49:06) and Eric took third.
This was the start of a stretch in which I ran seven races over 14 days (I think Richard Bolt did all of these races as well?).  I doubled-up on Independence Day, kicking it off with the Chelmsford 2 mile.  Bolt took the lead early with me in 5th trailing him, Ryan Carrera, Sean Livingston, and Mike Maceiko.  With 400 to go everyone kicked and I ended up in third place ($50). 
1 Carrera – 9:17
2 Livingston – 9:19
3 Dunham – 9:20
4 Maceiko – 9:22
5 Bolt – 9:28
I had the rest of the day to relax (?) before heading to Durham NH for the FORT 5k at 6pm.  It was humid and 84 degrees at the start and I was feeling a little sluggish.  I went out with Wilson Perez and Mike Brady through 2 miles but just couldn’t go with Perez when he upped the pace.  I picked up $75 for my second place finish.
1 Perez 15:02
2 Dunham 15:07
3 Brady 15:33
4 Ben Strain 16:13
Four days later I was back at it, doing another double.  Richard Bolt and I headed over to Portsmouth for the Harbor trails 5k.  A group of six passed through a quick opening mile.  Dave Hinga led the charge, with me, Bolt, Craig Fram and Mike Brady in tow.  After the mile Hinga broke away and Rich and I lost ground on him as we also broke from the chase pack.  I picked up some cash for my second place finish.
1 Hinga 14:50
2 Dunham 15:02
3 Bolt 15:03
4 Fram  15:24
5 Brady 15:33
Later that morning Richard and I showed up at the Amherst NH 10k, looking to take home a little more cash.  We went out easy for the first mile in a good size pack and lost 20+ seconds when we went the wrong way.  We regrouped and by 3 miles had moved into the lead (miles of 5:40, 5:10, 5:13).  From three on Richard and I worked together, easing up at 5 when we knew we had 1st and 2nd wrapped up.  Miles of 5:18, 5:13, and 5:26 brought me home in 33:08 for the win and $75.  I don’t have it listed but maybe Richard and I tied?
1 Dunham 33:08
2 Bolt
3 Sayers
The next weekend I headed up to Concord NH for the Bill Luiti 5 mile.  In the early miles I ran behind Dave Hinga and Chris Magill.  Hinga made a move with a mile to go and I couldn’t cover.  Magill dropped in behind me until we hit the track where he blew by me right at the line.  I picked up $75 for third place.
1 Hinga 24:33
2 Magill 24:42
3 Dunham 24:43
The next day I went to Lowell for the East End Club 5 mile.  I’d done this race many times since the early 1980’s and returned this year as it was part of the Hockomock Swamp Rat series which I was attempting to win.  I couldn’t miss a race so my motivation was high.  Unfortunately my body was not willing as I sprained my ankle badly during my warm-up.  I didn’t have any way of securing the ankle other than a roll of duct tape I had in the car.  I taped it up the best I could and lined up with 400 other runners.  Eric Beauchesne took it out hard and I followed but by 2 miles my ankle was really bad.  I limped home in second place (picking up the points I needed) with a 26:32.  Thus ended the crazy stretch of 7 races in 14 days.

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