Friday, September 18, 2015


I felt like I needed some turnover this week and although my ankle has been giving me a lot of discomfort Wednesday seemed like the best option.  I got in an 8 mile run in the morning and figured I'd do some quarters in the afternoon.  When I got to the Methuen rail trail I just couldn't decided whether I really wanted to do a workout or not.  During my 2 mile warm-up I decided to go but changed the workout to 2 times 1.25 miles.  The trail doesn't cross a road between the Methuen Depot and the NH state line which is 1.25 miles and makes for a great location to do a workout.  My goal was to go through the mile in "under 6" and see how it went.  I ended up feeling better than expected hitting times of 7:23 and 7:18.  Only four weeks until the XC championships!

warmup - 2 miles in 16:11
1.25 - 91/88/87/85/90 = 7:23
1/2 rest - 3:35
1.25 - 89/86/88/87/87 = 7:18
1m warmdown - 8:04

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