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Old October races

35 Years ago:  I raced six times during this month which was the meat of my junior year of cross-country racing at Billerica Memorial High School.  I only ran 169 miles during the month with six days off early in the month.  I kicked off the month with a win at home versus Austin Prep.  With splits of 5:00, 5:13, and 5:20 I took first in 15:33.  A week later I tied with teammate John Dangora in a dual meet at Wilmington, both of us running 15:33 over the 3 mile course.  Four days later I noted that I “felt tired” as I went out with the leaders in the first mile (4:46) of the Catholic Memorial race at Franklin Park.  I sputtered to a sixth place finish over the 2.9 mile course in 15:21.  Three days later I went to a fight and a cross-country meet broke out.  Billerica versus Tewksbury dual meet at Tewksbury high school.  John Dangora and I were in the lead pack with a couple of Tewksbury runners.  Elbows were thrown and there was some pushing and shoving.  We got behind the school and John said something like “are we going to race or fight”.  It turned out we’d do both.  I took off and won the race (2.7 miles in 13:10), John took second.  When Tewksbury runner Nick Romano crossed the line John threw a punch and the brawl ensued.  I remember Coach Mike Granfield ending up on top of both of them and eventually separating them.  What a wild dual meet!  Four days later I took 5th place at the Northern Area Championship XC race at Bradley Palmer State park (3m in 15:54) on a cold and windy day.  The weird part was during the race people kept yelling “Go Dave” which was surprising since Billerica didn’t race often in that area. I was excited that so many people knew me, right up until the finish when I found that everyone was actually yelling for Dave Quintal.  The final meet of the month was another tie, this time with teammate Mike Bushnach.  The top 4 runners from Methuen did not run the dual meet as it was only a few days before the next big meet at Franklin Park.  Snatch and I tied in 15:30 over the three mile course.

20 Years ago:  I got in 384 miles during this month while racing four times and taking three wins.  I started the month with a visit to New Castle for the “Great Island 5k”.  This “big” local race (670 finishers) basically ran on every street in the tiny town of New Castle.  CMS Teammates Scott Clark and Rod Viens took the race out hard, and then Dan Verrington moved into the lead just before the 2 mile mark.  I was a few steps back with Mike O’Brien trying to hold on.  I took the lead in the last ½ mile and put some distance on both Mike and Dan as we entered the final loop in the park.  I picked up $150 for the win in 14:59.
October 8, 1995 5 Kilometers (USATF Certified) New Castle, NH
    1   DAVE DUNHAM           31 M BRADFORD, MA       14:59   4:49
    2   MICHAEL O'BRIEN       35 M DURHAM, NH          15:04   4:51
    3   DAN VERRINGTON      33 M BRADFORD, MA       15:08   4:52
    4   SCOTT CLARK             29 M GILMANTON, NH     15:08   4:52
    5   DEAN KIMBALL            37 M CANDIA, NH           15:25   4:58
    6   ROD VIENS                 28 M CLAREMONT, NH    15:49   5:05
The following weekend I got another win, this time in Peabody MA at the Brooksby farm 5 mile cross-country race.  I couldn’t find any online results (this was in the early days of Coolrunning), but I took first in 26:56 in a field of 31 finishers.
The next weekend was the Mayor’s cup XC race in Boston.  This race has always attracted the hardcore XC racers as can be seen with my 27th place in 24:41.  I noted in my training log that I “went out hard but was way back”.  CMS had a big presence due in part to a brief merger with “Sev’s team” from Boston.  That merger didn’t last very long.
  Event 1 Men's 8,000 Meter Cross Country (7935M)               
   1   Seamus McElligott      27 Nike                         23:09.0     
   2   Brad Barquist          27 Mizuno TC                    23:12.0     
   3   Abidi Bouaza           24 Westchester TC             23:20.0    
   4   Jonathan Hume          27 Reebok RC                 23:26.0     
   5   Gary Giffen            26 New Balance Coastal TC  23:35.0    
   6   Pat Porter             30 Mizuno TC                      23:47.0     
   7   Dan Middleman          26 New York AC              23:47.3     
   8   Kevin Herd             24 Unattached                    23:51.0     
   9   Wilhelm Gidabuday         Life College                 23:56.0    
  10   Tim Gannon             30 Boston Running Club     23:58.0    
  20    Eric Morse             30 Central Mass Striders        24:18.0    
  27    Dave Dunham            31 Central Mass Striders   24:41.0   
  33    Bill Bland             26 Central Mass Striders         24:53.0    Sev’s
  34    Scott Clark            29 Central Mass Striders        24:54.0   
  41    Jamalh Prince          25 Central Mass Striders      25:09.0    Sev’s
  54    Chris Bianchi          27 Central Mass Striders        25:36.0   Sev’s
  55    Richard Bolt              Central Mass Striders          25:37.0   
  58    Greg DeMeo             34 Central Mass Striders      25:43.0   Sev’s  
  79    Nathanial Halsey       24 Central Mass Striders      26:18.0   Sev’s  
  91    Bob Hodge              40 Central Mass Striders       26:38.3   Wow!  A 40-year-old Hodgie cranking fast time!  
117    James Pawlicki         21 Unattached                     27:34.0   Future CMS racing team manager  
118    Pat Callahan           22 Central Mass Striders        27:36.0    Sev’s 
I finished the month with a small XC race in the Middlesex Fells (Stoneham, MA).  The Hurtin’ for Certain club put on a 5k XC race which I won in 15:33.
15 Years ago:  I raced three times over this month during a stretch of racing that I hadn’t done before and would never do again (racing 154 miles over 5 weeks, completing three marathons, a half-marathon, and a 100km race.  I got three wins, a second and a fifth place.  I think I’m still trying to recover from this).  It seemed that most of my mileage was from racing as I totaled “only” 392 miles for the month.  I took the plunge and ran my first Ultramarathon to start the moth off with a bang.  I’m not sure why I chose the Chancellor’s Challenge 100k in Boston, but I remember thinking that if I was going to go beyond the marathon I’d REALLY go beyond the marathon.  It was windy and in the 40’s as we took off on ten 10k loops that did a figure 8 passing the Hatch Shell every 5k.  I went out conservatively in the early miles trying to relax and let the miles pass.  I hit the marathon in 2:47 and thought “I’ve never raced further than this”.  My next marathon was run in 2:50, and I closed out the distance with a 1:09 for the final 10 miles.  For the first half of the race I hovered around the top ten then slowly began passing people.  I went into the lead at 75km (46 miles) and pulled away for a 7 minute win in 6:46:39.  At the time that got me ranked 9th on the U.S. 100km list.  The race was superbly managed by Dave Magilvary, and I took home $3,000 for the win. 
A week later I visited Farmington NH for the Nute Ridge half-marathon which was part of the Hockomock Swamp Rat series that I was trying to win.  I ended up taking second place to CMS teammate Larry Sayers running a 1:14:27 and picking up $25 for the effort. 
Nute Ridge Half Marathon
    1   1:12:54   5:34 LARRY SAYERS           41 M BELLOWS FALLS VT         
    2   1:14:28   5:41 DAVID DUNHAM           36 M HAVERHILL MA             
    3   1:16:57   5:53 MIHALY MOLNAR          31 M HUNGARY                  
    4   1:20:21   6:08 CHIP LANGMAID          38 M ST. JOHNSBURY VT         
    5   1:21:39   6:14 KEVIN HYNES            35 M MEDFORD MA                
Two weeks later I closed out the month with a fifth place at the Falmouth Marathon (USATF NE championship) in 2:30:53 on cold (35-40) and windy (30 mph) day.  A big pack stayed together through the half before things started to roll, probably in deference to the weather.
USATF-NE Grand Prix Marathon Championship
    1   DANNY GOUGH             32 M M1439 PORTSMOUTH      RI  2:24:29  5:31     
    2   CRAIG F. FRAM           42 M M4049 PLAISTOW        NH  2:27:55  5:39 WRT 
    3   LOWELL LADD             24 M M1439 CARLISLE        PA  2:28:05  5:40 BAA 
    4   LARRY SAYERS            40 M M4049 BELLOWS FALLS   VT  2:28:55  5:42 CMS 
    5   DAVE DUNHAM             36 M M1439 BRADFORD        MA  2:30:53  5:46 CMS 
    6   PAUL HAMMOND            40 M M4049 LEXINGTON       MA  2:32:01  5:49 WRT 
    7   CHRIS TEAGUE            30 M M1439 NORWOOD         MA  2:33:22  5:52 GLRR
    8   ERIC G. BEAUCHESNE      30 M M1439 CHELMSFORD      MA  2:34:23  5:54 GLRR
    9   CHRISTOPHER LAWRENCE    37 M M1439 PROVIDENCE      RI  2:34:29  5:54 BAA 
   10  GREGG CORNELL           40 M M4049 PASCOAG         RI  2:34:37  5:55 CMS 
   15   JIM G. GARCIA           42 M M4049 WESTFORD        MA  2:42:07  6:12 CMS 
   20   JERRY LEARNED           52 M M5059 HOPKINTON       MA  2:53:56  6:39 CMS 
   30   ANDY ROGOVIN            42 M M4049 BOSTON          MA  2:58:00  6:48 CMS 

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