Wednesday, October 14, 2015


In order to attain “Ironrunner” status you need to complete all seven races in the USATF NE Grand Prix (a series of seven road races each the New England championship at that distance).  Staying healthy and being able to race from February through September at distances from 5k to marathon is no easy feat.  Even more impressive are the twenty-two runners who were also able to finish in the top ten at each race and thus score GP points in all seven races.  Five of my CMS teammates took home this honor.

James Pawlicki (CMS) – 5th 40-44
Arthur Beese (CMS) – 6th 40-44
Joe Shairs (CMS) – 2nd 45-49
Daniel Verrington (CMS) – 4th 50-54
John Griego (CMS) – 3rd 55-59

Matt Pelletier (Brooks) – 2nd overall
Christopher Magill (BAA) – 1st 40-44
Binney Mitchell (GMAA) – 1st 45-49
Wayne Levy (BAA) – 4th 45-49
Christopher Lawrence (BAA) – 1st 50-54
Ken Goodin (GLRR) – 1st 60-64
Steve O’Neil (GSH) – 2nd 60-64
Robert Knight (GCS) – 1st 70+
Rick Stetson (NE65) – 2nd 70+
Joe Noonan (NE65) – 4th 70+
Christin Doneski (WRT) - 1st 40-44
Nadine Palmer (WRT) - 1st 45-49
Maria Servin (WRT) – 1st 50-54
Lisa Zappala (WRT) – 2nd 50-54
Maureen Larkin (GNR) – 5th 50-54
Jacqueline Shakar (CSU) – 1st 55-59
Nancy Dorn (GLRR) – 6th 55-59

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