Saturday, November 7, 2015

Newfields rail trail

Newfields rail trail


For my first run back after two weeks off I chose to visit the Newfields rail trail.  I’ve run on the Western end of this trail in Auburn/Manchester and biked as far as Epping (before heading south to Windham).  I’d never been to the Newfields end.  I found it to be very nice, firm packed dirt, quiet woods with a lot of scenic marshes along the way.



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Ben Kimball said...

When I lived in Concord I used to use the Rockingham Rail Trail between Auburn and Newfields for long runs a lot, usually as out-and-backs (mostly starting/ending at Clark Pond/Depot Rd). Every now and then I was able to organize it as a point-to-point by spotting cars with friends, and always found it to be a really enjoyable run (esp. west to east, which trended downhill for the most part). It seems to get narrower and less used towards Newfields, but no less nice. Good memories =)