Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Invitation to a long run on the Rail Trail

I’m planning on doing a long run on the rail trail that runs from Manchester NH to Lawrence MA on Sunday March 27.  The run would be approximately 20 miles over a mix of paved and dirt trail.  Less than 2 miles of the run would be on road.  The rail trail starts near the southern edge of the Manchester airport and ends near the Merrimack River in Lawrence.  The plan would be to meet at the southern end (99 Railroad Street, Methuen, MA) then carpool to the northern terminus (3 Planeview Drive, Londonderry, NH).  The planned pace would average around 8:00 per mile and we’d “ease” into that.  Meeting time at 6:30am at 99 Railroad street.  Starting the run at 7am at 3 Planeview drive.

Let me know if you are interested!

MHT to Derry Depot = 6.2
To Windham Depot = 9.3
To Roulston St = 12.6
To Rockingham park = 16.2
To Mass State line = 18.4
To Methuen depot = 19.7


FP said...

Hi DD,
I won't be joining you, but FYI: Saturday is March 26th (not 27th)
Have a great run!

double-d Mountain runner said...

Thanks! Fixed it.